Did You Know:

- That for most day games, you can park very close to Wrigley Field for free?

- That you can get a hot dog for $1 at Citizens Bank Park in Philly, and not just on Dollar Dog night?

- That you can get to PNC Park in Pittsburgh for free from almost anywhere downtown?

- That the Mets give you a free ticket to Citi Field for your birthday?

- That the Red Sox have a “scalp-free zone” at Fenway Park, where people unload their extra tickets at face price?

- That the Reds set aside over a thousand Opening Day tickets for a special date of box office sales at Great American Ball Park?

- That you can get into Miller Park in Milwaukee or Turner Field in Atlanta for just a buck?

Ballpark E-Guides are full of information and tips that only insiders know…the advantages and disadvantages of every seating area, the many ways to get tickets, all of the ways to get to the ballpark, and the large menu of food at all ballparks these days.

You’ll know which games are in the highest demand for each team (and save mucho dinero on StubHub), how to avoid obstructed views, how to get a great parking spot or which public transit option is best, and you’ll have an idea of what to eat there (or where to get cheaper items outside).


Ballpark E-Guides are full of “Tightwad Tips”, for saving money on everything from tickets to parking to food. Ballgames are expensive enough as it is, so don’t pay more than you have to.

Here's what just a few fans have had to say:
"I absolutely love Kurt Smith's Ballpark E-Guides. Every time I read one, I learn countless new facts about visiting that ballpark - the best ways to get to the park, ticket specials, the food there and on and on. Each guide is filled with solid-gold tips about the ballpark...I couldn't recommend these treasures more highly!"
Joe Mock, Webmaster at BaseballParks.com and author of Joe Mock’s Ballpark Guide

“Kurt Smith’s Ballpark E-Guides are a must for any fan. Want to know the best and cheapest way to support your team? Interested in the best seats to see the action? Curious about where to get the best food? Kurt provides all these answers and more.
- Rob Silverman, MetsMerized

"If you love attending ballgames in person, you won’t want to head to the park without your Ballpark E-Guide to help make your experience at the game the best it possibly can be."
- Chris McBrien, Dear Mr. Fantasy

"Ballpark E-Guides are a great way for fans to learn about a park before they go. There isn't a better resource to learn everything you need to know for an enjoyable experience."
- Joe Coblitz, Burning River Baseball
Of course, there's lots of helpful stuff on this site too. Look around and find some worthwhile tips about your own favorite ballpark.

By all means please drop me a line and share your opinion, good or bad. Please let me know if what’s on this website helps you out, or if you’d like something to be available. And take advantage of a free and very useful eBook by signing up for the newsletter too!

See you at the Yard!

Best, Kurt Smith

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