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Why Ballpark E-Guides?

I am a Baltimore Orioles fan (despite the photo here) who grew up and still lives in the Philadelphia area. As a young man, the trips with Dad to Memorial Stadium to see the O’s pull out a come from behind victory are my favorite memory of childhood.

This love carried into adulthood, believe it or not. Soon I was making 4-5 trips a year to see the Birds in beautiful Camden Yards, the greatest ballpark ever built.

Being one of limited means back then, I became something of an expert (or so I thought) in enjoying the Yard on the cheap. I had a favorite inexpensive and convenient parking spot, a favorite route to get there, a favorite place to sit in the ballpark...and favorite sections to avoid.

Not to mention saving money on grub by buying peanuts and a hot dog outside...which, as any thrifty fan knows, can be brought into the ballpark.

As a fan that loves live baseball, especially in ballparks away from home, and as a fan who doesn’t like to waste money...a very easy thing to do at a ballgame...I thought a book full of insider secrets about every ballpark would be a great read.

So I went to work on the first chapter...Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, since it is just a 15-minute drive from my front door. I poked through the team website, blogs, reviews, message boards, anything I could find.

I couldn’t believe what I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that you can get a hot dog for a dollar when the gates first open. I didn’t know how much money I could save taking the Broad Street express subway to the game. I didn’t know about the nearly traffic-free approach to the ballpark. I didn’t know about the parking lot with the easiest out.

I didn’t know about the Taxi Crab shuttle from Chickie’s and Pete’s. I didn’t know much about the Hall of Fame Club, the Scoreboard Porch or the Rooftop Bleachers. I didn’t know where the best standing room spots were. I didn’t know the secret entrance with zero lines. I didn’t know the secret spots where I could park for free. I didn’t know about the tailgate friendly lots.

And I didn’t know about Tony Luke’s roast pork and provolone, the Bull Dog, the Schmitter, or Campo’s Heater sandwich. I didn’t know about the chili at Harry The K’s, the game day specials at McFadden’s (much cheaper beer!), or how to get a free soda at the game.

And this is my home ballpark.

Once I was done kicking myself at the things I’d been missing—and at how much money I was wasting—I realized that by the time I finished a book about every ballpark, it would be obsolete.

And so the Ballpark E-Guide PDF was born.

Then I set about learning about Citi Field, the home of the Mets...and again I was astonished at what I didn’t know. The free street parking. The inexpensive Southfield lot. Awful obstructed views and how to avoid them. Why the LIRR is worth the extra couple of bucks over the 7 train. Why the lines are so long at the Shake Shack. The iconic Mama’s of Corona sandwiches.

Then I took on the new Yankee Stadium. Inexpensive sandwiches from the Court Deli. Avoiding obstructed views in the bleachers. When to use the B, D, or 4 train. Which standing room areas to avoid. The outstanding Lobel’s steak sandwich.

Soon I was spending a completely disproportionate amount of time learning about ballparks I had only been to once or twice. And realizing what I’d been missing. The tailgating at Miller Park in Milwaukee. The atmosphere in Wrigleyville on game day. The value-friendly seats in Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. The Georgia Dog at Turner Field in Atlanta.

Needless to say, I had to make return trips to make sure all of this was true! (It was!)

But now you don’t have to go through all of that digging and research. I’ve done it for you. And every nugget of info I could find has gone into the beautifully illustrated, handily bookmarked, money-saving tips loaded, slick-papered and unbelievably value-friendly Ballpark E-Guides!

If you want to know all sorts of secrets about your home which seating sections are worth the money and which aren’t, how to get the best deals on tickets, the best places to park inexpensively or even for free, the best public transit routes to the game, ways to avoid traffic, which local establishments offer a ride to the ballpark, what all the food stands are offering, where to get street grub to bring in, and best of all, how to save money on all of it, a Ballpark E-Guide is for you.

Or if you are planning a trip to a ballpark for the first time, and you don’t want to miss out on anything like I did in my first the incredible tailgating scene at Miller Park, the Ben’s Chili half smoke at Nationals Park, the eateries that will give you a ride to Comerica Park, the free street parking at Wrigley Field, or that half-pound dog with the incomparable Bertman’s mustard at Progressive Field, a Ballpark E-Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Or even if you visit a rival ballpark a few times a season, or if your favorite team is a couple of hours away like mine is...I can tell you that I know a lot more about Camden Yards than I used to, like where to get a cheap brew and crab cake sandwich outside, or where to get off the highway to avoid city gridlock, or seating sections to avoid...among many, many other things!

If you want to know the difference in the ballpark experience when you know what you’re doing, check out my opinion of Fenway Park and how much my experience changed once I did my homework.

OK, I’ve rambled enough about why I do this...have a look around this fine website and find out some things. And when you’re ready to improve your live baseball experience in every way, get yourself a Ballpark E-Guide.

One last thing...I offer a pretty cool, free and popular e-mail newsletter full of fun stuff, like a Tip of The Week, links to helpful knowledge and great offers...and you even get a free and helpful PDF for the ballpark traveler, all for just letting me take up a few bytes in your can sign up for that here.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy this website.

Best Regards,
Kurt Smith
Author, Ballpark E-Guides