About Kurt Smith

In the summer of 2010, Kurt Smith fell into a deep sleep waiting in line at the DMV, and awoke with a vision - to provide detailed insider information about every major league ballpark he could reach, remembering his days of having a favorite peanut vendor and hot dog stand outside of his second home at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

When the venture proved too overwhelming to simply produce a hardcover book that would have been a tome for the ages, Kurt decided to split the tasks into individual ballpark guides, and to sell them in PDF format, making them easy to download for the consumer.

Kurt Smith was a contributor of NASCAR commentary to "That's Racin'" from 2006-2007 and to "The Frontstretch" from 2008-2010. He has contributed to Sports Illustrated and has appeared numerous times on ESPN radio's "Carey and Coffey Show" and Fox Sports Radio's "Spadora on Sports". He also wrote a weekly feature for the Frontstretch called the "Foto Funnies", humorous captions to photos of the world of NASCAR.

And last but not least, he is a regular contributor to the excellent JerseyMan Magazine.

Today Ballpark E-Guides sells comprehensive guides for 16 major league ballparks, with possibly more coming in 2014. And hopefully, the baseball world is better for it.

Kurt resides in Turnersville, NJ, with his beautiful and amazingly patient wife, their unbearably cute daughter, and their needy but lovable cat.

About Ballpark E-Guides

Ballpark E-Guides are illustrated booklets that provide you with all sorts of information for attending a game at a major league ballpark. You’ll find out the best ways to get tickets, advantages and disadvantages of all of the seating areas, the best ways to get to the game, how to park cheaply or perhaps even for free, what sort of food items the ballpark has, and much more. They cost just $8.99 (plus shipping) for a print and digital edition, and should pay for itself easily in one ballpark visit.

Ballpark E-Guides are loaded with pictures and information, and you can carry one around with you or have it stored on any device that can read a PDF. And if you’re buying tickets or a gift for the baseball fan in your life, an inexpensive and extremely useful Ballpark E-Guide slipped in with the tickets will make the experience much easier and more fun!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Ballpark E-Guides:

Is it safe to purchase a Ballpark E-Guide from this site?

It is as safe as buying from someone on eBay; you can pay through PayPal or major credit card. You download/purchase the E-Guides through MagCloud, the on-demand publishing service, and they handle the credit card end of it. You can view their service here.

I will learn nothing about your personal or account information, since I do not deal with that part of it. Not that you wouldn’t be able to trust me, of course, but the transaction is handled through another service.

Have you really been to all of these ballparks?

Yes. And yes, I took all of the pictures...

Why should I buy a Ballpark E-Guide?

If you are a baseball fan, I sympathize with the feeling you may have that tickets are too expensive, food is pricey and sometimes not very tasty, and getting to and from the game is too much hassle. I wrote these guides to help you or the baseball fan in your life save time, money, and aggravation so that you can simply enjoy a ballgame like any American should.

I have spent many hours researching to help you be armed with knowledge. If you frequently go to games, it should pay for itself many times over.

How do I purchase a Ballpark E-Guide?

You simply click on “Buy It Now” button underneath, decide whether you want a print and/or digital edition, and then enter your relevant information.

You will receive an e-mail with a link to download each guide you have purchased. There is a time limit though, so please download it as soon as possible.

If you order a print edition, you choose the shipping speed. It's just like Amazon; you know the drill.

Can I have a Ballpark E-Guide sent to me through the mail?

Yes you can! You can order a beautiful, slick papered Ballpark E-Guide print edition...and the digital edition is included free of charge! And of course, you can send one as a great gift to the baseball nut in your life.

Is everything in the Ballpark E-Guides 100% accurate?

I have tried my level best to ensure that all of the information contained in the Ballpark E-Guides is correct and up to date. However, the baseball world changes very quickly and frequently. Prices rise (of course), vendors come and go, and secrets eventually aren’t secrets anymore. And some of the information is opinion-based, which also changes with the wind.

If you find an inaccuracy in a Ballpark E-Guide and can verify it, please let me know so that I can keep them current. If you send me a correction within 30 days of your purchase, I will send you an updated digital edition of the E-Guide free of charge.

Why don’t you include prices of parking, tickets, etc. in Ballpark E-Guides?

For two reasons.

First, it is difficult to obtain this information. Prices for tickets are available, obviously, but pricing levels can be very complicated and so I have just tried to generalize them. The only hope for finding prices for food or parking, short of visiting the park and writing it all down, is if someone has provided such information on a blog or message board, which does not happen often.

Second, prices fluctuate so wildly in baseball that chances are that by the time you actually use a Ballpark E-Guide, it would be obsolete if it contained prices for everything. To actually list the prices of tickets, parking and concessions and to stay on top of the changes would be profoundly difficult and time-consuming. I need that time to write more Ballpark E-Guides!

Whenever possible, I have tried to inform you of what sort of things might be overpriced or a bargain; the “Tightwad Tips” in each guide are geared towards that. For example I might say something relative about parking, like Lot X is cheaper than Lot Y, for example. I know it’s not as precise as it could be, but it is simply not practical at the moment to include all of the price information.

Do I need to be a hardcore baseball fan to want a Ballpark E-Guide?

Of course not. If you only go to one ballgame a year, a Ballpark E-Guide should be a big help. You’ll learn what the food offerings are without having to travel throughout the park, find a place to sit that meets your standards, and learn the best way to get there--definitely something you want to know the first time you visit a ballpark. You may be surprised at how many things you didn’t know that make attending a ballgame cheaper and easier…I certainly was.

If you aren’t a big baseball fan, chances are good you’re married to one or close to someone who is. A Ballpark E-Guide makes a terrific and very inexpensive gift for a baseball fan—certainly something you could include with tickets to a game...

Where does all of the information in Ballpark E-Guides come from?

From hours and hours of poring through team and public transportation websites, blogs, message boards, books, and reviews. Many hours. “Get a life” level hours. E-mailing teams and associated facilities and asking them about rumors I’ve heard. And whenever possible, from my own experiences and observations visiting the ballpark in question.

Ballpark E-Guides are great! Are you going to produce one for (insert your favorite ballpark here)?

I am trying to write E-Guides for all 30 major league ballparks. However, producing the colorful guides with pictures that you see here requires a trip to the venue itself for photos and verification of the content. This requires money and time, of course—which is not always easy to come by. So if you are eager to read a Ballpark E-Guide for your favorite ballpark, please spread the word about Ballpark E-Guides!

Any other questions? Contact me here! (Complaints will be willingly listened to.*)

2014 Ballpark E-Guides.

* within reason

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