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Turner Field - Atlanta, GA
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Turner Field in Atlanta is not only a fine venue to watch a ballgame and features a pretty good team, there’s lots to keep you busy besides the baseball on the field if that’s not doing it for you.

Turner Field was part of the Centennial Olympics Stadium built to host the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Afterwards it was torn in half, with the outer half turned into a patio featuring Braves and baseball greatness. Most of the cost was picked up by Olympic sponsors, a nice deal for the residents of Fulton County.

Today the ballpark sits on the footprint of Fulton County Stadium, where Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run to become the Home Run King. The County Stadium spot is now a Braves parking lot, with part of the outfield fence that Aaron’s homer cleared still preserved.

The Braves new home is much finer as a baseball venue, with a brick façade and open air layout. There are blue seats, natural grass and several different kinds of hot dogs. The new ballpark has a Braves Museum, several kids play areas and a popular restaurant in center field, too. Not to mention the very impressive Jumbotron in center field…no picture can do that monster justice.

Unfortunately, we don't have much longer to enjoy Turner Field; the Braves will be moving to Cobb County in 2017. Enjoy Turner while you can; it's a great ballpark.

And as always, Ballpark E-Guides is here to help.

Atlanta Braves Tickets: I generally recommend going through the Braves website since they offer so many deals, but the best bargains go quickly. Here is my recommendation for using third parties.

Turner Field Seating: Turner Field seating ranges from the SunTrust seats that only people who have been bailed out by the government can afford to the Skyline seats and their low low prices. Click here for a couple of words about Turner Field seating.

How To Get To Turner Field: Turner Field is served equally well by both incoming highways and by the MARTA public transit; click here for some advice on using the Braves Shuttle.

Turner Field Food: Like all ballparks today, Turner Field has a wealth of food items to choose from; so here's a bit about what to eat at Turner Field.

More Turner Field Food: Have you ever had a Georgia Dog? Turner Field improvises on the #1 ballpark delicacy and its counterpart in many ways; you can read a bit about the good stuff here.

Turner Field Extras: Turner Field is loaded with ballpark adornments; here are my top three “don’t miss it”s at Turner Field.

The Braves Dynasty: Read why I believe 14 straight division titles is one of the greatest team achievements in baseball history.

Turner Field Photos: Of course, I took a few pictures of Turner Field, hope you enjoy them.

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