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Turner Field Hot Dog

What to Eat at Turner Field

So you want to know what to eat at Turner Field? Well like most ballparks, there’s something for everyone, but you’re not likely to find sushi or spring rolls or tofu burgers like you find at some ballparks these days. If you want a hot dog, you’ll be just fine at Turner; if you’d like something different like a BBQ pork sandwich, you can get that too.

We’ll start with the sit down restaurants at Turner Field, one for the folks willing to pay half a grand just to be a member and one that’s available for anyone with a ticket.

The 755 Club, named for Hank Aaron’s home run total, is the indoor restaurant that sits on the club level in left field, over the outfield seats. There is seating by the windows with a beautiful view overlooking the field, and the various extensive buffets of food are prepared by an executive chef.

The 755 isn’t great for watching the game; the view of the action on the field isn’t great and it’s sort of removed from the crowd. Good if you have a baseball-indifferent high maintenance wife, as Ted Turner did for many years, but if that’s the case you’ve got bigger problems than not seeing whether a pitch was outside.

OK, so I’m kidding around a bit. You can sit outside in seats underneath the restaurant, if you want to be part of the crowd, or you can duck out of the Atlanta heat inside. The 755 has a private entrance, but even members need a ticket to get in on game days.

The Chop House is the restaurant in right center field, with the big neon “Budweiser” sign on top. The Chop House is a multi-level sit down restaurant, with indoor and outdoor seating and views of the field if you’re willing to stand. There’s a full menu for a complete meal: salads, soups, appetizer, entrees and desserts, even kids’ meals. The full bar serves the popular “Tomarita”…which is a slight variation on a margarita.

The Chop House gets pretty crowded during games; many younger people especially buy the $1 ticket to the worst seats in the ballpark and just hang out in the Chop House throughout the game. You can smoke at the Chop House, so if you’re allergic just be aware of that.

Around the rest of the ballpark there are the baseball essentials, but there’s also a variety of other choices, especially in the huge center field concourse area. This is the best place if you’re looking for something different, but there are some good choices in the lower level concourse especially.

The All-Star Lineup stands, despite their name, are there for the basic stuff—dogs, soft pretzels, popcorn and other typical ballpark eats. Some of them have different stuff like corn dogs, but there isn’t the specialty items at the All-Star. If you would like a fancier hot dog, try the Top Dog Express stands, for a choice of several types of very large dogs.

If you’d like a burger instead you have several choices—there are the basic ones at the Dugout Diner stands, or the hand packed chef-prepared burgers at Holeman & Finch, a new addition in 2013. Holeman & Finch just has one item on the it's easy to decide what you want.

The Dugout Diners and Atlanta Grills are where to go for sausages and brats too.

In the center field area is the Smoke House BBQ, the go-to BBQ area of Turner Field; this is where you down some brisket, ribs, pulled pork or pit beef sandwiches, with the meat cooked in a smoker right there in the plaza for 18 hours. Choose from four different BBQ sauces. No piddlin’ chicken sandwich, this.

Also in center field is Taste of The Majors, which has burgers and dogs with unusual toppings, along with brisket or chicken sandwiches. Taste of The Majors is also known for serving a local food item for whatever team is in town, like a Philly cheesesteak or Milwaukee brat.

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New in 2012 was Kevin Rathbun's Steak, named for the famous Atlanta chef. The Rathbun stand makes a high quality steak sandwich with au jus dripped on the bread and a horseradish sauce on the side. It's quite pricey, so decide for yourself if you want to go premium.

Like Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A is an Atlanta-based institution, so you can find a few stands around the ballpark with the popular chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. You’re probably familiar with Chick-Fil-A, so you know what you’re getting, but obviously it’s not at fast food prices.

If you’d like some pizza, you can either go for the Peachtree Street Pizza around the ballpark, which is average at best, or try the Braves Brick Oven pizza in the outfield area where the new Taco Mac Family Zone is. I haven't tried that particular pizza, but it's better tasting and higher priced than Peachtree Street.

Turner Field also has a food item I’ve not seen at a ballpark before or since…crepes! Yes, you can get thin pancakes with steak or chicken or cheese (which I suppose makes it something like a burrito), or fill them with a dessert filling like chocolate dream. No kidding.

Finally, for your sweet tooth, there are Edy’s products at Cool Southern Cravings stands, or get a funnel cake with a choice of several toppings at the cleverly named Batter Up stand.

Wash it down with a Budweiser or Leinenkugel’s, or get a Tomarita at the Tomahawk Tavern. Or just a Coca-Cola product—but Turner Field is happy to remind you of Coca-Cola.

And as far as I know, you can still get a Yicketty Yamwich...

So Turner Field has most kinds of dogs and burgers covered, with extra selections of upscale stuff and a restaurant or two if you’d like more variety. In the past few years especially the food selection has greatly improved...let's hope they bring all of this stuff into the new ballpark.

And if you want to know more about the amazing selection of food at Turner Field, be sure to get yourself one of these!

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