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The Best Way To Get To Turner Field:
The MARTA Braves Shuttle

Anyone who has driven in Atlanta traffic knows how frustrating it can be, and getting to Turner Field during rush hour is no picnic. So if you’re looking to avoid all of that, you can use the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) Braves Shuttle.

MARTA nearly discontinued the Braves Shuttle at the beginning of 2011; with the organization losing money from suburbanites in a struggling economy it became difficult to fund a free service. Fortunately, they relented and you can still use MARTA to get to a Braves game.


Since Turner Field is not very close to any of the MARTA subway stations, MARTA runs a shuttle bus from the West End Station, which is near the midpoint of all of MARTA’s train routes. Coming from the airport or from the north, there's no transfer required; if you're coming from the east or west, it would be easier to drive...coming from I-20 is not as bad as from I-75.

The bus takes about 15 minutes to run from West End to Turner Field, dropping riders off at the corner of Pollard and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, near the left field corner entrance. The Braves Shuttle is free with your train ticket; otherwise you can pay a small fee for it.

After the game there will be several buses waiting to pick up fans, and they do get packed to the gills with ballgame goers. But in my experience they're pretty efficient at getting them going (from what I've heard though, your mileage may vary).

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After the game the bus will drop you off back at the West End Station and your train line, and you’ve avoided that miserable Atlanta traffic. And if you picked a free park and ride station, you’ve saved a few bucks on parking to boot.

The Braves Shuttle isn’t the only bus that runs to Turner Field, but it’s the only free one under conditions.

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