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Turner Field Seating, Tip #1:
Sport Clips Eight Buck Night

Sport Clips Eight Buck Night was formerly Buck Belue Buck Night and Buck Belue Five Buck Night, but it's still a great deal. On most Monday nights, you can still score a Terrace Level ticket for just $8.

And Terrace level seats are not bad at all at Turner Field (unlike some cheap tickets in other ballparks), normally at Turner these go for about $25. They are the upper field level sections down the foul lines, not too high or too far. You can still see the monster-sized Braves Vision scoreboard, and when an outfielder makes a diving catch, you’ll have a fine view of it, just as my wife and I did taking advantage of this promotion.

Eight Buck Night is a very popular special; the Terrace outfield sections get filled to nearly capacity on such nights, and mostly with families who can finally afford to take the kids to the big ballpark. If you are interested in the $8 tickets, you should try and score them early to get the better seats, but most games will have something available.

To purchase Eight Buck Night tickets: Go to the Atlanta Braves website:

Click on Tickets; on the Tickets page scroll down to the links at the bottom of the page; click on “Ticket Specials”. (Or just go here:

The scheduled nights are listed under “Sport Clips $8 Mondays”. Select a game and go from there...

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Tip #2 - See The Braves For A Buck!

The Braves, a team that doesn't quite draw proportionately to its record on the field over the years, go all out to get folks into Turner Field. General admission seats, on game day, are now going for the 1950s price of just $1 a game.

Of course, these aren’t the best seats at Turner Field; they aren't exactly “club” or “legends” or “royal box” or whatever such seats are called in most ballparks these days. The general admission sections are the upper right field seating, from Row 6 up. You might see Bob Uecker up there.

From what I’ve read, the Braves aren’t particularly tough on seat poaching. After a couple of innings, if you don’t get greedy, you should be able to move to a much better seat with no problem, especially on a weeknight. The Braves are drawing better these days, but they still haven’t sold out many games in recent years.

If you’re an honest sort who stays in his or her purchased seat (an admirable position), you need to know that the Hotlanta sun bears down on those right field seats until well into the evening. Just something to know...bring sunglasses and a cap.

Or you can scrap your seat altogether and see the game in the party atmosphere of the Turner Field Chop House in center field. And get a decent meal with the money you’ve saved.

The $1 tickets go on sale 2.5 hours before game time at the ticket office near the Braves Museum. You can only buy one at a time (or one for each member of your party, but they must all be present) and must enter the park immediately after buying the ticket. You should get in line early because they go fast—this means the Braves Shuttle might not get you there in time.

It requires some advance planning, but you can’t beat going to a ballgame with your pocket change.

That's just two seating tips at Turner Field...if you want to know all of the bargains and tips on different seating areas, be sure to get yourself one of these!

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