A Cheap Baseball Tickets Tip: Use The Weather

Posted by Kurt Smith on Sunday, February 5, 2012
I recently dropped a line to my friend Sharon McGee, my favorite instructor at Eastern University, my alma mater. I had just wanted to say hello, share some current life details, and thank her for all of her encouragement while I was in school.

Turns out she’s a big baseball fan, which I never knew, and she said some nice things about the Ballpark E-Guides website. Eastern is based in the King of Prussia area, so Sharon goes to Phillies games. She shared with me how she saves money on tickets, and in three years I had never thought of this and am now once again kicking myself in the head.

Use the weather.

Elsewhere on this site I point readers to Ballpark Savvy, Jake Cain’s excellent website of ballpark tips. Jake is a big believer in waiting until the last minute to buy tickets on StubHub or eBay, which works most of the time but not always. But Sharon has also shared with me that on really hot and muggy days—and presumably for low demand games—you can score great deals for tickets on StubHub at the last minute. Remember, this is for the Phillies she’s talking about—one of the toughest tickets in baseball.

I can’t believe I had never thought of that. (Which is probably why she’s the professional educator.)

This is especially helpful in Philadelphia, which can get seriously uncomfortable in July and August. Temperatures from time to time reach 100 degrees, and the humidity is no joke either. I can only imagine the types of deals you could nail down in Atlanta, with its oppressive heat and a team that already has trouble filling the place.

Now, the only problem with this strategy, of course, is the actual heat and humidity, which is now your problem as opposed to the friendly ticket seller. But there are ways, of course, to save money on water, beer, or sodas, and they are detailed in each Ballpark E-Guide—some are obvious, some are not so well known. You can also get a seat near the ballpark restaurant and duck out of the heat there if you need a break. For what it’s worth, hopefully you can stay out of car-abusing traffic too. Not saying you need an E-Guide to truly take advantage of this wonderful tip, but it couldn’t hurt!

Have to remember this one on the next muggy Philadelphia area day. Thanks, Sharon!

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