Buying Baseball Tickets on eBay: A Quick Tip

Posted by Kurt Smith on Saturday, August 25, 2012

eBay is a popular route for buying ballgame tickets, and you would do well to check it along with StubHub because the deals can be just as good (or use my favorite ticket search engine, SeatGeek). But I’ve learned something you should be aware of.

Many people list tickets on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price, meaning that you can try bidding a lower amount if you want.

However, as I have just learned the hard way, if you do bid a lower amount, the seller can set the item to have the Buy It Now button disappear, and now you’ve entered into a bidding war you might not win. I recently could have had two Mets tickets for $12; instead I got greedy and bid the minimum of $8, with a maximum bid of $18 in case someone wanted the same tickets. I lost them in the last hour and didn’t see another deal as good again.

So if you like the Buy It Now price, go for it. Better than taking the chance otherwise.

Tags: tickets and seating  third party sellers 
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