Concerts in Ballparks

Posted by Kurt Smith on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Someone asked me recently if a Ballpark E-Guide would help people if they were going to see something other than a baseball game in a ballpark, say a concert or something.

It had never even occurred to me, but I thought, why not?

Currently Bruce Springsteen is performing a heavy duty tour in the ballparks of America; he just recently played at Fenway Park and will soon be doing a show at Nationals Park in D.C. Roger Waters just brought Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” show through Citizens Bank Park in Philly, and Paul McCartney asked who Derek Jeter was in Yankee Stadium. (Someone answered “he’s someone with a lot more hits than you!”)

The only aspect of a Ballpark E-Guide that might not be as helpful is the seating section; since the focus of a baseball game tends to be at the pitcher’s mound and home plate, I point out where certain seats might be a problem. This may not apply with a concert, since the stages are generally set up at center field, changing the focal point.

But otherwise, yes, a Ballpark E-Guide would be helpful in just about every way. Tickets are available through the same outlets—StubHub, eBay, etc.—and the same tips apply. Getting to the ballpark is something people should definitely know about, since concerts are likely to sell more tickets than even a sold out game with seats on the field. And I’m certain that the same food stands will be available, although they might not be offering the same deals, i.e. discounted dogs in the first hour.

That’s not to say you can avail yourself of all the tips; some things, like being allowed to bring food inside, could be up to the promoter’s discretion. They might not be so generous. I was at the minor league game for the Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park, and the Flyers controlled the concessions rather than the Phillies—so I paid $3.75 for a hot dog that was normally $1. (The Flyers give me so many reasons to become a Red Wings fan sometimes, not the least of which is the crappy new arena that doesn’t hold a candle to the Spectrum. But my sense of loyalty always prevails. And Claude Giroux is awesome.)

For the most part though, yes, a Ballpark E-Guide should be plenty helpful if you’re going to see Bruce Springsteen or Roger Waters or Madonna at the ballpark.

So if you know someone who’s going and has never been to a baseball game at that ballpark before, let ‘em know!

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