Despite Last Season’s Trouble, Red Sox Tickets Expensive as Ever

Posted by Kurt Smith on Friday, April 20, 2012

(Note from Kurt Smith - Andres Hidalgo from our affiliate Ticket Liquidator was kind enough to share with us some statistics about how tickets to Fenway Park are just as high as ever--but that there's a possibility that could change this year. If you're interested in a game at Fenway, read on--and Ballpark E-Guides thanks Andres for the insight!)

With the Boston Red Sox coming off one of the worst endings to the regular season in baseball history, coupled with a lackluster off-season, conventional wisdom might tell you that demand for Red Sox tickets on the secondary ticket market would be at its lowest in ages.

But after crunching the sales data from Ticket Liquidator, the second largest player in the secondary market, it seems that fans of the Red Sox are as willing to shell out big bucks to see the Olde Towne Team as ever. While the average ticket price for the Red Sox in 2012 was down a bit from last year, ticket prices were still near their highest price ever, and only slightly below ticket prices for 2011, when the team entered the season as favorites to reach the World Series.


You can see that the Fenway Faithful haven’t given up on the season just yet, as after Opening Day fans were willing to spend more in 2012 than they had in any of the past three seasons. We’ll see how successful Bobby Valentine and the Sox are at keeping fans coming back to Fenway throughout 2012.

Top Red Sox games

When looking at the actual games generating the most interest, you won’t be surprised to find that the majority of the best-selling Red Sox games are against their hated rival the New York Yankees. In fact, eight of the top ten best-sellers on Ticket Liquidator are Red Sox vs Yankees games. The following is a breakdown of the top Red Sox games in terms of highest average ticket price.

Opponent - Date                                            Average Ticket Price

New York Yankees - Friday, April 20                                 $251.80

New York Yankees - Friday, July 6                                     $228.73

New York Yankees - Thursday, September 13             $210.32

New York Yankees - Saturday, July 07, 2012            $201.96

New York Yankees - Tuesday, September 11            $200.39

New York Yankees - Saturday, April 21, 2012           $181.33

Tampa Bay Rays - Friday, April 13, 2012                    $175.28

New York Yankees - Sunday, July 08, 2012               $163.19

New York Yankees - Wednesday, September 12      $161.00

Detroit Tigers - Tuesday, July 31                                $131.36

Kansas City Royals - Friday, August 24                     $130.80

New York Yankees - Sunday, April 22                        $129.02

LA Angels of Anaheim - Tuesday, August 21              $128.83

Atlanta Braves - Friday, June 22                                $126.69

Miami Marlins - Tuesday, June 19                               $123.14

Toronto Blue Jays - Monday, June 25                         $122.81

Toronto Blue Jays - Saturday, July 21                         $122.56

Detroit Tigers - Wednesday, August 01                     $121.45

Atlanta Braves - Saturday, June 23                            $121.25

Chicago White Sox - Wednesday, July 18                   $117.50

Red Sox ticket prices through the year

If we look at the average price of a Red Sox ticket over the course of a season, you can see that ticket prices normally fall after opening day, (week 14) and stay more or less flat for most of the summer, and peak again as the post-season nears. Keep in mind Ticket Liquidator is providing information for tickets that were purchased for post-season games that were never played, as customers can buy baseball playoff tickets before they are official, and receive a refund if the games never take place.


Normally the price of a baseball ticket on the secondary ticket market reflects winning on the field. Apart from a three-game run against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox haven’t had much success with winning ballgames. And with the clubhouse situation getting worse by the day, some prognosticators are predicting the Red Sox’s sellout streak at Fenway Park will come to an end this year.

You can be pretty sure that if the Red Sox continue to struggle on the field, prices on the secondary ticket market will fall.

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