Kurt's Top Five Ballpark Destinations in 2016

Posted by Kurt Smith on Sunday, January 17, 2016
It’s January, and it’s cold, which can only mean one thing: baseball season is coming!

And if you’re like me and love traveling to see another ballpark, you’re probably starting to plan your next trip to see one of the great homes of baseball in North America.

So if you haven’t decided where to go yet, Ballpark E-Guides is here to help, with my top five ballpark destinations of 2016. Here we go:

5) PNC Park, Pittsburgh. PNC is one of the best post-Camden ballparks; the view of the Clemente Bridge and downtown Pittsburgh is second to none.

And PNC Park now features something it hadn’t had in its first dozen years of existence: a contending team. The Pirates have made the playoffs in the last couple of seasons, and they’ve gotten awfully popular. The only thing better than a game at PNC is a game at a PNC filled with fans!

You can stay in downtown Pittsburgh and take public transit to the park for free, tickets are still relatively value-friendly, and the Bucs offer a lot of specials for kids. And you can try a Primanti Bros. sandwich.

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4) Camden Yards, Baltimore. Since its heralded opening in 1992, Camden is still the gold standard...it’s everything a ballpark should be.

But if you haven’t been to the Yard in a while, you should make another visit. The Orioles have added some party areas and standing room spots, improved the scoreboards, and best of all, they’ve added statues of Oriole greats like Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray...not to mention a restaurant named for popular catcher Rick Dempsey.

It’s nice to see that the Orioles are dedicated to reminding everyone of the team’s great history. Believe it or not, the Orioles were consistently great once.

By the way, Camden Yards will be the destination for the 2016 Ballpark Chasers Meetup!

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3) Wrigley Field, Chicago. Wrigley has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. The new video boards will be quite a jolt to someone who has been to Wrigley in the past. And they may take some getting used to.

But the flip side of this is that the Ricketts are aggressively improving this team, to the point where they even made the Final Four last season. The Cubs are serious contenders now, and it’s been a long time coming. Like PNC, there’s nothing like a rocking Wrigley.

Not to mention the new, improved bleachers, with great party areas and Hot Doug’s dogs...featuring unusual frank variations named for Cubs greats. You may want to be a bleacher dweller in your next visit.

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2) Turner Field, Atlanta. As you may know, 2016 is going to be Turner Field’s last season, after just 20 years of being the Braves’ home. Too soon, if you ask me; I’ve always considered Turner to be one of the more underrated ballparks.

The Braves offer a lot of great deals; you can even get into the ballpark for a buck...something that is not likely to be the case in their new home in Cobb County. And if you like a classic brick structure, blue seats, lots of stuff for the kids and great food, Turner Field won’t disappoint you.

If you go, be sure to check out the Coca-Cola Sky Field, the Braves Hall of Fame, and Scouts Alley. They may or may not travel to the new ballpark with the Braves.

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1) Progressive Field, Cleveland. There are so many great reasons to visit Progressive Field right now that I dedicated a page just to that...but there’s also the historic significance of the place.

People forget this, but it wasn’t just Camden Yards and the revival of downtown Baltimore that caused the venue boom in sports. What’s less known is what Jacobs Field did for Cleveland. With a beautiful facility and a suddenly contending club, the Jake became a madhouse for 455 straight games.

Nothing lasts, and those days are past, but there are some new reasons to visit Progressive Field...like the marvelous job of renovation the Indians have recently done. If you haven't seen Cleveland baseball in a while, take a trip and you may remember what an impact this ballpark had on a great city.

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There you go; five great ballparks worth a visit. Hopefully this will help you plan your ballpark vacation this year; as always, Ballpark E-Guides is here to help. And if you need more tips, be sure to sign up for the e-mail newsletter...and get a FREE PDF with some helpful websites for traveling fans!

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