Disappointing Season = Cheap Baseball Tickets

Posted by Kurt Smith on Saturday, August 18, 2012

In a 2012 newsletter, I advised fans that the Phillies' woes have a silver lining, that being cheap tickets, as season ticket holders attempt to unload tickets for a team too heartbreaking for them to watch. As a result I had seen Phillies tickets available for great prices on StubHub and other third party sites.

Conversely though, in a search for Mets tickets, I did not have quite as much luck. I have seen some good offers, but in nowhere near the quantity that inexpensive Phillies tickets were available.

In a perfect baseball world, a team with Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee would be a more expensive ticket than a team whose lone bright spots before the emergence of R.A. Dickey (now a Blue Jay) as a quality starter have been Johan Santana and David Wright. But that of course isn’t how baseball works.

I think it comes down to expectations. The Phillies won five division titles in a row, and while they certainly had some offensive questions, at the beginning of this season they had a pitching staff good enough to make them favorites to win another title. As such, the waiting list for season tickets continued…to the point where the Phillies were selling spots on the 2013 season ticket waiting list.

No one expected the Mets to contend at all this season; in a division where the Nationals and Marlins both had improved their roster and the Phillies and Braves still looked strong, people were predicting a 100+ loss season for the Amazins. But for the first half of the season the team played well over their heads, and only following the All-Star break has gravity brought them back to earth.

If the Mets continue their slide, there’s a possibility the market may fill up with a few more extras from season ticket holders. Phillies fans, on the other hand, are rapidly unloading theirs in anticipation of football season.

Neither Philly nor New York has much patience for losing teams. Cubs and Red Sox fans…or at least people that love both teams’ ballparks…still turn out in great numbers and have done so this season even as both teams have some of the most expensive tickets in baseball. But the Phillies sellout streak officially ended pretty much as soon as any hope of a playoff berth was gone, and the Mets hadn’t sold a plethora of tickets with expectations being what they were anyway.

So if you’re thinking of planning a trip to see a ballpark and are flexible, August and September may be the best months to do it, and the best bargains may be had at the homes of teams that have disappointed during the season. The Marlins are another team performing well short of expectations...and you can score a good deal to see their new ballpark right now.

It’s not fun for fans to have their team fall short of what should have been a great season. The final day of the season in 2011 was devastating to Red Sox and Braves fans. The good news is that if you just want to enjoy a game, a disappointing team at least saves you a few bucks.

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