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Fenway Park Monster Dog

What to Eat at Fenway Park

On the surface Fenway Park doesn’t appear to have the wide variety of food choices that most new ballparks have these days, since the focus is still mainly on Fenway Franks and sausages. But in truth, you do have a lot of choices, especially in Yawkey Way and the “Big Concourse”.

Yawkey Way is a street that runs east of Fenway Park; the Red Sox have it closed off on game days so that fans could enjoy an experience similar to Eutaw Street in Baltimore, with food and souvenir vendors and street performers, and also to lighten some of the notorious congestion in the concourses.

On Yawkey, there are four main vendors, in addition to peanuts and popcorn peddlers: Summertime Grille, El Tiante (featuring former Red Sox star Luis Tiant), the Fenway Fish Shack, and Wally’s Favorites. You can get just about anything on Yawkey Way, from seafood choices to peanuts.

Inside the ballpark, as part of the recent renovations, the Red Sox tore up some walls behind right-center field and built in a shiny new large concourse area. The Big Concourse, as the Sox call it, is large enough to feature pregame entertainment, picnic tables and best of all, brand new bathrooms. True.

The Big Concourse also has most all of the varieties of food available at Fenway, including barbeque or deli sandwiches, kettle corn, and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. When in doubt, head to the Big Concourse. Healthy options can be found here too: wraps, Paninis (which come highly recommended by fans), watermelon, veggie dogs and burgers, even Caesar and fruit salads.

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So if you’re sick of hot dogs and sausages (which are prevalent everywhere) there are burgers, double burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, French fries, steak tips (and turkey tips), cheesesteak sandwiches, burritos/tacos, fancy nachos, and other novelty items at every concourse area but the Big Concourse especially. You’ll pay a premium for the fancy sandwiches.

As far as local representation, Papa Gino’s is the official pizza of Fenway Park, and Legal Seafoods supplies the clam chowder and lobster rolls.

Papa Gino’s bills itself as New England’s Best Pizza, but they don’t cite any poll of pizza lovers. I haven’t tried it, but it looks decent, especially for ballpark pizza. Legal is another local institution whose motto is “if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal!”, and while most people enjoy the chowder, there are occasional complaints about the lack of seasoning…and clams.

For your sweet tooth, you can get: Crackerjacks, cotton candy, fried dough, funnel cakes, Hood ice cream, kettle corn, milk shakes and slushies. Try not to have them all at once. If you get up to get a beer, buy two, since you have to squeeze back into your seat. You can share if it’s too much for you. Even with the improvements of late, Fenway still has some tight quarters.

Finally, if you’ve never been to Fenway, you’ll definitely be impressed by the outside sausage vendors. They’re not a great deal cheaper than the food inside like at most ballparks, but many of them, like the Sausage Connection, are of pretty high quality.

Fenway Park still keeps the focus on hot dogs, as a classic ballpark should, but you have the choice of many other culinary ballpark delicacies these days.

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