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There is nothing on earth like a Red Sox game at Fenway Park—between the strange dimensions, the big green wall in left field, the red seats, the pregame atmosphere outside, and Fenway Franks, it’s tough to beat a game at Fenway for the full baseball experience. There may be other old-time ballparks out there, but for a genuine connection with history, you have to go to Fenway.

You sit in your seat and the green expanse is right there in front of you. There is the mound where Cy Young and Babe Ruth pitched. There’s the red seat in right field where Ted Williams’ longest home run landed.

There’s that foul pole in right where Johnny Pesky’s home runs would land enough for the pole to be named for him. There’s the foul pole in left, where Carlton Fisk’s epic 1975 Series home run landed. And there’s that 2004 flag, a symbol of persistence if there ever was one.

After a possible replacement scare early in the millennium, the Red Sox, coached by Camden Yards planner Janet Marie Smith, gave Fenway new life with outstanding renovations.

The improvements were many, but the most notable and best ones seemed obvious the whole time: put seating on top of the Green Monster, close off Yawkey Way for fans only before games, and knock out some walls to place a Big Concourse in the outfield behind the numerous bleachers seats.

Fenway Park was so greatly improved, and all without touching any of its existing charm. It’s almost as if some seriously motivated architects dreamed up a fabulous new ballpark.

And with the ending of an 86-year championship drought, the Red Sox have been the toughest ticket in baseball for several years. It’s not easy to get into Fenway. I’m here to help.

Red Sox Tickets:
And here I have listed a couple of ways to get Red Sox tickets that are a bit unconventional…and I’ve included a recommendation for using third party sellers here.

Fenway Park Seating: Here is a key tip and my preference for where to sit at Fenway Park.

Avoid Obstructed Views:
A support pole in front of you can make you very unhappy. Here's a few pointers on how to avoid obstructed views.

How To Get To Fenway Park:
It’s not impossible to drive and park at the ballpark, but most Red Sox fans will tell you to take the MBTA Green Line “T” to Fenway.

How to Get to Fenway Park, Part 2: You do have the option of driving and parking at the Pru Center, and from there you can take a Pedicab to the ballpark for something different.

Fenway Park Food: Here is a general overview of the choices of food at Fenway Park.

More Fenway Park Food:
Fenway Park has many more food options than it once did, but my go-to item is still the Fenway Frank. Or a sausage from The Sausage Guy outside. Read about them here.

Coming to Visit Boston?: Here is why I use Hotwire for hotels and stay near the airport most of the time.

Fenway Park Extras: And here are my top three “Don’t miss it”s for a game at Fenway.

Fenway Park Photos: Hope you enjoy the Fenway Park pics against the Fenway green background!

A Question For Red Sox Nation: Could you change your allegiance to the Yankees the way Kevin Youkilis did?

Believe It Or Not:
Yours truly was once less than overwhelmed by Fenway Park. Shame on me. But I learned how to love it...read the story here.

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