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Three Not So Bad Parking Spots for Fenway Park

Most Fenway visitors have plenty to say about the challenge of where to park at Fenway. Boston isn’t the easiest city to drive in (that’s probably an understatement), which is part of the reason most fans use the T to get to Fenway.

Actually, it’s not that Fenway doesn’t have a lot of parking options. It’s just that they’re mostly bad ones. The lots closest to the park get jammed bumper to bumper, with cars stacked on top of one another at times, the prices for most of the closest lots…and even some not so close ones…are through the roof, and the traffic getting out afterwards can be exasperating too.

The Fenway Park E-Guide goes into great detail about many of the available lots, and you can book your parking beforehand with ParkWhiz, but here are three spots that I happen to like a lot. They’re all in the same area not terribly close to Fenway, but the walk isn’t too bad, the prices are great and all three garages offer a very easy exit onto I-90:

1) The 100 Clarendon Street Garage. The 100 Clarendon garage is the “official” Red Sox parking garage, even though it’s about a mile walk from Fenway. It’s a sizable garage on Clarendon Street (making it aptly named) that usually has plenty of spots.

You can book parking for the 100 Clarendon garage on the Red Sox website, and by Fenway standards the price is fantastic. Just print out your reservation and take it with you and you’ll have a spot in the garage for the whole game.

It’s a fine walk through Boston streets on a nice day, but if the weather isn’t great, you can take a Commuter Rail from the Back Bay Station to Yawkey Station near the ballpark or back. Back Bay Station is literally across the street from this lot’s entrance.

2) The Pru Center. Like with the 100 Clarendon garage, this garage is very close to the Back Bay T station, so if you’re not up for the walk after the game you can use the Commuter Rail from Yawkey. Or use the Green Line Prudential station, transfer at Copley Square and take the B, C, or D to Kenmore Square.

There’s a couple of nice things about the Pru Center parking, other than the price being less than half of most lots that are four fly balls from Fenway. One thing is that the place is full of eateries and sandwich joints to fill up your doggie bag, and the other is that you know exactly where to go after the game…the Pru Center building is visible from anywhere on the home or first base side of the ballpark.

Given the choice, I prefer the 100 Clarendon Garage, but the Pru Center is a good second choice.

3) The Hynes Auditorium Garage. The Pilgrim Parking people operate a few garages in the Boston area for theaters and medical centers and such, and they make the Hynes garage (50 Dalton Street) available for Sox games for about the same price as the Pru Center, and it’s right across the street from the Pru, a scoche (did I spell that right?) closer to Fenway.

The Hynes garage is only available on weekends, and like with the Pru Center you’ll need your ticket, but it’s near the Pru Center and its shops and it’s also a short walk to the Hynes Center T station, where you can hop on a green line train to Fenway or back should the weather be uncooperative. It’s also a good spot to find a Boston Pedicab.

Like I said, these lots aren’t the closest, but it’s well worth the walk for the lack of extortionate prices and aggravating congestion. And even if you use the Commuter Rail from Back Bay to Yawkey or back, the fare is cheap enough that you still come out ahead.

There are, of course, many other parking options…even some free ones if your timing is right. Not to mention the other methods of getting to Fenway, like the T, the Commuter Rail or even pedicabs…to figure out what works best for you, be sure to invest in the Fenway Park E-Guide!

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