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A baseball game at Wrigley is more than just a ballgame…it’s a celebration.

The atmosphere at Wrigley is one of a town that loves its team and its ballpark, an atmosphere that has been built up over a century of Friendly Confines baseball.

Wrigley Field is everything a ballpark should be…it’s historic, full of dark green seats, decorated with beautiful ivy, in view of the rooftops of two streets of nearby houses, located in a neighborhood full of restaurants and souvenir stores, and full of diehard fans of the local team that have spilled out of a train station.

Consider the reaction to NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon’s calling it “Wrigley Stadium”. Wrigley isn’t a stadium, not by any stretch of the imagination. It isn’t a huge, monstrous dome with a plastic playing surface. It doesn’t hold 100,000 people. It is anything but devoid of character.

Wrigley Field is as much a Field as Fenway Park is a Park. Calling it a Stadium is almost a slur.

Ernie Banks frequently called Wrigley Field the “Friendly Confines”, a nickname perfectly apt. Wrigley Field is Friendly—full of fans who are as happy as can be, except when the Cubs win, which makes them even happier. Wrigley is nicely Confined too, placed within a small city block surrounded by row homes with bleachers on the roof, and souvenir shops and restaurants just steps away from the ballpark.

It isn’t just inside the ballpark. The entire neighborhood revolves around Cubs games—so much so that it has an unofficial name: Wrigleyville. There are dozens of fast-talking ticket vendors, young drummers beating on buckets, and taverns crowded to overflowing during and afterwards.

All of them sharing a philosophy: forget your problems and the world’s problems. You’re at Wrigley, and that’s all that matters.

So I’m here, as always, to help you forget any problems you’ve had with a day at Wrigley.

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Wrigley Field Photos:
Finally got around to getting some images of the Friendly Confines up...have a look.

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