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What to Eat at Wrigley Field

While most modern ballparks feature everything from burritos to sushi, at Wrigley Field the focus is still on that staple of ballpark heaven, the hot dog. This is still baseball—in Chicago, too, where the street food of choice is a Vienna beef dog—after all. It’s as simple…and yet as complex, as that.

That isn’t to say you don’t have other options. There are two restaurants attached to Wrigley Field now in that ballpark restaurant way: the Sheffield Grill and the Captain Morgan Club.

Both places have full menus including newer Wrigley novelties like the “Stan Burger”, but both have very different atmospheres. You can sit in the Captain Morgan Club on game day, although you’ll need a ticket to enter the ballpark from it. The Sheffield Grill is actually inside the park, and like many additions to older ballparks the quarters are very tight there.

But throughout the ballpark the focus is on the hot dog…in many numerous forms! At Wrigley there are Chicago dogs, bison dogs, footlong dogs, brats, even Frito pie dogs!

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The “Chicago Dogs” kiosks serve up the Chicago dogs, or more correctly, dogs with grilled onions that you can adorn Chicago-style at the condiments stand nearby: chopped onions, neon green relish, sport peppers, tomatoes, all those goodies that make a Chicago “dragged through the garden” style hot dog.

If you’re looking for an Italian sausage, try the “Italian Hot Spot”. If you want some unusual toppings on your dog, check out “The Works”—you will definitely be surprised at the choices.

In addition to the hot dogs, you do have choices around the lower concourse especially. (There actually isn’t technically an upper concourse at Wrigley, but they do have some places to get basic dogs and such.)

You can order a Papa Charlie’s Italian beef, a slice of D’Agostino’s pizza, cheeseburgers, and if you’re really hungry or sharing, you have the options of Big Slugger nachos in a souvenir Cubs helmet or a North Side Twist …a soft pretzel with three dipping sauces that is so big it’s served in a pizza box!

Despite the rumors of its departure, popular local favorite Old Style is still the beer of choice for Wrigley diehards…even though Budweiser is the official beer, the brew that has helped fund 11 World Championships for the hated Cardinals. (As I write this some Cubs fans are still petitioning Delaware North to keep Old Style at Wrigley.)

If Old Style doesn’t work for you, at least you have the option of mixed drinks…mai-tais especially are popular at Wrigley.

Since most of the choices are on the lower level, you shouldn’t have to look too hard for something that tickles your fancy at Wrigley Field. In the upper level, don’t expect the fancier items to be as readily available.

The classic ballpark gets it right…not too fancy, but with plenty of choices. And the focus is still hot dogs, as it should be.

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