U.S. Cellular Field Food:
Tip #1 - Comiskey Dogs

Even with all of the food variations in this advanced age, baseball sustenance still begins and ends with the hot dog. Go to just about any generic food stand in a ballpark and dogs will likely be available, and just about every home of baseball carries some strange variations of them—Philly has one with broccoli rabe, Atlanta sells one with Cole slaw, and in Baltimore you can get a dog with pepperoni hash and stewed tomatoes piled onto it.

Chicago, as a city, worships the hot dog, and they already have their own popular variation of it. The city is home to any number of hot dog joints, most all of which will hand you a dog cooked Chicago-style, or “dragged through the garden”: a Vienna Beef frank on a poppy seed roll piled on top with, in order, yellow mustard, chopped onions, neon green relish, pickle spear, tomato chunks, sport peppers and celery salt.

That’s the Chicago Dog; if you’re selling hot dogs in Chicago from a cart or in a ballpark, that is the way it must be made available.

The Chicago Dog is of course, available at both Chicago ballparks. At Wrigley they’re easy enough to find…just look for the kiosks cryptically named “Chicago Dogs”. At U.S. Cellular Field, there is a stand called Comiskey Dogs, which also has a footlong version of the Chicago-style dog called the “Super Comiskey”.

There is only one Comiskey Dogs at U.S. Cellular (as far as I know); it is located in the right field area—and as such would not be accessible by fans in the upper level. But it’s worth the trip. You get the full Monty of a Chicago dog; with several sport peppers and nice-sized chunks of tomato and pickle topping off the Vienna Beef.

There are plenty of places to get dogs or Bobak’s sausages at U.S. Cellular Field. But if you want the authentic stuff from the Windy City, Comiskey Dogs has it.

Tip #2 - Avoid Nearby Outside Vendors

Like at most ballparks, you can bring your own food into U.S. Cellular Field, which means you can load up your feedbag with cheaper eats outside. Great way to save money at ballpark food prices.

Just a word of caution though: you aren’t saving much by patronizing the peanut guys near the ballpark.

You see, the White Sox have this “No Peddling” rule on U.S. Cellular Field grounds; this means no selling of T-shirts, peanuts, water, etc., in the parking lots at least. The Sox have their own souvenir trucks set up outside in the parking lots, along with peanut guys who all sell the same brands.

So a bag of peanuts outside might be a dollar less than inside, and souvenirs I believe are the same price. Not sure why the White Sox do this, unless they’ve had problems being undercut by unlicensed outside vendors. (My ability to see the good in baseball owners knows no bounds.)

Whatever the reason, if you’re going to bring in a bag of munchies, don’t wait until you get to the parking lots where you’ll pay prices that just seem low. If you’re taking the Red Line, there are numerous places to stop and grab some cheap to-go eats—if a Chicago Dog joint can’t be found, you have dozens of options in Chinatown just one stop away. Or you can walk a couple of blocks west of the ballpark to 34th Street Red Hots or Morrie O'Malley's for a very economical to-go meal.

Again, don’t use the guys that are sitting on boxes of peanuts and selling water; you’ll recognize them all selling the same brand of peanuts. If you’re interested in saving money, fill up your bag beforehand or use one of the nearby to-go joints.

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