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Citi Field Photo Gallery

Citi Field Mets

Citi Field from Lot A, with the Mets photos that were added in response to people wondering whether Citi was the home of the Mets or Dodgers.

Citi Field Rotunda Entrance

The front entrance of Citi Field, modeled after Ebbets Field. Except for the part about it being in Queens rather than Brooklyn.

Citi Field Mets Entrance

Another outside view, this from Route 25A off of the Grand Central Parkway. I've always liked this angle. And you have plenty of time to take pictures when you're on 25A.

Citi Field Parking Lot A

Parking Lot A, the lot of choice for Mets employees, early arrivals, and possibly owner Fred Wilpon if he still has a car.

Citi Field Shea Home Plate

The Mets marked the spots where the bases were at Shea Stadium. You can stand on the mound and pretend you're Tom Seaver. I doubt you'll fool anybody though.

Citi Field Bricks

You may have known Itzhak Perlman, famous violinist. He is also equally known for his love for the Mets. I wonder what brings him more heartache.

Citi Field Casey Stengel

The great Casey Stengel can be seen here saying "It's a great honor to be joining the Knickerbockers."

Citi Field Mets Tickets

A ticket window off of the main entrance. Closed, this was Pyrotechnics Night and I think it was sold out. Heck of a fireworks show, I couldn't hear a thing afterward and missed my stop off the train several times.

Citi Field Mets Willets Point

The Mets-Willets Point Station of the infamous 7 train, immortalized by John Rocker. Watch out for the hairy hooker with four kids! Or the relief pitcher on steroids!

Citi Field Q48 Bus

If the 7 worries you, you can always use the Q48 bus. Apparently you're not allowed to stand and wait for it though.

Citi Field Tickets Scalping

And with the current fortunes of the Mets, also unnecessary.

Citi Field Jackie Robinson Rotunda

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda. If you want to go up the escalators on the side here, you need a club level ticket or you risk getting tackled. And it's not pretty.

Mets Hall of Fame Tom Seaver Jersey

Tom Seaver's jersey is one of the many cool Mets artifacts found in the Mets Hall of Fame. And if any team would be rolling in cool artifacts, it would be the Mets.

Citi Field Obstructed View

Citi Field suffers from some seriously bad obstructed views. This photo is actually from a seat. Bet they didn't have these glass landings in the way at Ebbets Field!

Citi Field Excelsior

The Excelsior Level is the exclusive club level seating at Citi Field. The word "Excelsior" means "ever higher"...but as far as I know there isn't any bhang served on this level, unless it's in the double fudge brownies.

Citi Field Home Run Apple

The Citi Field Home Run Apple, which emerges whenever a Met hits a home run. Because when you think taters, you think apples.

Citi Field Pepsi Porch

The old fashioned Pepsi-Cola sign in right field, over the Pepsi Porch. The planes coming into LaGuardia almost smash into this thing.

Citi Field Pepsi Porch Chop Shops

While you're walking around this gorgeous ballpark, check out the view from the Pepsi Porch. Queens...this is where I will find my queen!

Citi Field Shackburger

The Shackburger, the reason for those long lines at the Shake Shack. If it's wrapped in waxed paper, you know it's a slammin' burger.

Citi Field Box Frites

Box Frites, home of the fancy fries. I got some grief from the Amazin' Avenue guys for not mentioning the garlic parmesans in the initial Citi Field E-Guide. And probably rightly so.

Citi Field Mama's Cannoli

The Mama's of Corona cannoli, with the blue and orange sprinkles for the Dodgers and Giants, ha ha. Tasty and not terribly expensive. (Insert "leave the gun" joke here.)

Citi Field 42

The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.

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