"You think you know your own backyard ballpark better than anyone, and then someone like Kurt Smith shows you just how wrong you are...I can assure you that there are some intricacies to the stadium that even season ticket holders don't know." - Patrick Adair, Dropped Strike Three
Get a great seat. Get to the ballpark easily. Get some good eats.
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With the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide,
you'll know how to:

...Get tickets. You’ll learn about the numerous ways to get Phillies tickets, from the team website to the box office to StubHub and other third party sellers, and even where you can find a scalper or two...

...Get a great seat. Learn about all of the seating areas, from the Diamond Club to the Rooftop Bleachers and everything in between, with the advantages and disadvantages of each—including the suites and party areas...

...Get to the park easily. Want to avoid traffic and find out where to park cheaply? Want to take the Orange Line or PATCO from NJ? Or the Taxi Crab? The E-Guide covers it all, with all the knowledge you’ll need...

...Get some good eats. Learn about dueling cheesesteaks Tony Luke’s and Campo’s, Seasons Pizza, or the Schmitter. Want to sit at Harry The K’s? Have a Bull’s BBQ sandwich? Sausages, crab fries, even water ice, you’ll know the score on all of it...

...And a few extras. You’ll learn about a few extra little Citizens Bank Park nuggets too; things like accessibility, the Phanatic Phun Zone for kids, even a little bit about those sometimes infamous Philly fans…

...best of all, SAVE MONEY.

The Citizens Bank Park E-Guide is full of “Tightwad Tips” - go cheaper on everything from tickets to parking to food! Ballgames are expensive, so don’t pay more than you have to — find out how with a Citizens Bank Park E-Guide today!
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What they're saying about the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide:

"The information provided is great for first-time visitors to the ballpark, but it also includes a lot for the more experienced fans as well...after reading the guide, I discovered many food options that sounded interesting and may prompt me to expand my horizons a bit. There are also “Tightwad Tips” throughout the E-Guide to help you find creative ways to save money." - Jenn Zambri, Phillies Phollowers

"Comprehensive, elaborate and entertaining. Kurt's guide to Citizens Bank Park reveals every nuance the season ticket holder wants to know while serving as a perfect introduction for first timers. From where to park to where to get your home run ball signed, Kurt covers it all. This is a must have for any Phillies fan." - Shay Roddy, High Hopes

"If you’re headed out this way, and you want to find all the insider [stuff] on Citizens Bank Park; the locale, the sights, the seats, the food, the public transit, and the quick history–Kurt Smith’s e-guide for the Bank is like having a friend whose been there." - Justin Klugh, That Ball's Outta Here