Citizens Bank Park Photo Gallery

Citizens Bank Park Ashburn Alley

Ashburn Alley from above, well before the long lines form for Tony Luke's and Campo's cheesesteaks. Come to think of it, what the heck was I doing up here when there was no line? Oh well, got a nice pic.

Citizens Bank Park SEPTA Broad Street

The Broad Street Subway drops riders off at the ballpark, but the station is now called the AT&T Sports Complex Station (formerly Pattison Station). Sprint may have NASCAR, but AT&T has the Philly Sports Complex Subway Station! Come to think of it, that's about even these days.

Citizens Bank Park Seating bullpens

It's great how the designers of the ballpark practically surrounded the bullpens with seats. Like they knew this city's fans well. The visitors bullpen is the upper one...and there's already a crowd of fans gathered here eager to psyche out the opposition as only Philly can.

Citizens Bank Park Campo's

Campo's cheesesteaks has been hanging around Market Street for a long time...only when Rick's and Geno's fell short did Campo's arrive to take on Tony Luke's. The "Heater" sandwich is a cheesesteak with jalapeno cheddar and hot salsa. Which really burns my butt.

Citizens Bank Park Hall of Fame Seating

These are the Hall of Fame Club seats. They're padded and have access to the Hall of Fame Club, and you can look behind you in the press box and see Inquirer writers snoozing.

Citizens Bank Park Liberty Bell

The neon Liberty Bell, which lights up and rings whenever a Phillie hits a home run or the Phillies win. Which I think is exactly what the designer of the original Liberty Bell had in mind.

Citizens Bank Park Memory Lane

Memory Lane, which celebrates over a century of baseball in Philadelphia, including the Athletics and Negro Leagues.  Do you think Dad here was upset at how his son's mother dressed him?

Citizens Bank Park Parking

Citizens Bank Park has ample parking, and by car is how most fans arrive at the ballpark. The city of Philadelphia is aware of this, and makes sure that anyone who tries parking on a nearby street is fined harshly.

Citizens Bank Park Lot

A nice shot of the ballpark from the parking lot. I cropped the cars out of this pic, because they're all big and make the ballpark look small. (This photo is not actual size.)

Citizens Bank Park Rooftop Bleachers

The Rooftop Bleachers, which are modeled after the rooftops that people sat on to watch games at Connie Mack Stadium. Unlike the Connie Mack rooftops though, these seats are not free. And I don't think they had Bud Light back then.

Citizens Bank Park Steve Carlton Lefty Statue

The statue of "Lefty" Steve Carlton, at the left field gate. Carlton is known for not talking much. In fact, I think this statue talks more than he did at press conferences.

Citizens Bank Park View of City

Citizens Bank Park wasn't built in downtown (or Center City as it's called in Philly), but they did manage to provide a nice view point from the ramps. They even put a counter there so you can eat your Schmitter while enjoying the view.

Citizens Bank Park Connie Mack Stadium Model

The cool replica of Connie Mack Stadium found in the Hall of Fame Club. Hey, where's that spite fence that Connie Mack put up to block the view from the rooftops?

Citizens Bank Park pretzels outside

They sell soft pretzels outside on Pattison Avenue, if you are looking to save a few bucks. Check out that salting that extra salty middle for last! Did we mention we sell water too? By the way, bring some mustard, most pretzel sellers don't have it.

Citizens Bank Park Phanatic Phun Zone

The Phanatic Phun Zone, a great place for kids to burn off energy before the game. This guy in the maroon shirt looks really tempted to join in the fun. Come on dude, you're in your thirties.

Citizens Bank Park Phillies Tickets

Get your Phillies tickets here. Actually the Phillies have sold out something like 270 straight games, so I'm not sure anyone's ever at the window. Another testament to the importance of good starting pitching.

Citizens Bank Park Taxi Crab

The Chickie's and Pete's Taxi Crab, which takes you to the ballpark from the popular Packer Avenue sports bar restaurant. You can hear it, it's sort of like an ice cream truck playing Foo Fighters music.

Citizens Bank Park Tony Luke's

The Tony Luke's cheesesteak with provolone. Tony Luke won the challenge from Bobby Flay in the show "Throwdown". Pretty brave of Flay to take on the big dude, I thought.

Phillies Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic. The greatest mascot in sports, bar none. The costume is funny enough, but his willingness to cross the line of acceptable behavior is what makes him (it?) truly great.

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