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Progressive Field Extras:
Things to See at Progressive Field

1) Heritage Park – The Indians may not have won a world championship in a long time, but when you go to see Heritage Field in the left center field area, you realize that this team has had some great players through the years.

There’s dedications to the top 100 Indians as chosen in the 100th anniversary celebration, great moments in Cleveland baseball through the years, even a plaque dedicated to shortstop Ray Chapman, who was killed by a pitched baseball in 1920. Heritage Park also has bricks dedicated by Tribe fans.

Heritage Park is nicely laid out, making it easy to see all of the exhibits. For big games it can get crowded, so you should check it out early if you can.

2) The Sugardale Hot Dog Races – Now that the Brewers, Nationals, and Braves all have racing mascots, the Indians have followed up with mascots of Sugardale hot dogs, the official dog of the Indians.

But rather than dressing up as different kinds of dogs, the Sugardale mascots differ only in the condiment that covers them. On the Indians website they’ve given them different personalities: Ketchup wins a lot but cheats to do so; Mustard is the clean cut hero; and Onion is the “diva” that has a crush on Mustard—much to the chagrin of Ketchup.

Maybe not original, but a fun twist on the Brewers’ Sausage Races. During the game, the mascots greet fans in the concourse areas.

3) Gate C – I don’t know if the Indians left up the tributes to Rapid Robert Feller that were present during Ballpark E-Guides’ fact-finding mission, but the statue of the Heater From Van Meter in full windup was there before and will be there long after.

This is a popular meeting place, being along East 9th Street and across from Local Heroes and the Thirsty Parrot taverns. Outside of Gate C are stone letters zigzagging across the pavement that spell “Who’s On First?” for the Abbott & Costello classic.

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