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Three Foods to Try at Progressive Field

Baseball teams do local food nowadays. Citizens Bank Park in Philly has four brands of cheesesteaks; Wrigley and U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago both have their own Chicago-style Dogs; and Camden Yards in Baltimore has crabmeat in different forms in every corner of the ballpark now.

Until recently, Progressive Field in Cleveland hasn’t been as populated with local icons. But as of 2015 the Indians are starting to recognize the city’s best food purveyors, especially in the Right Field District...and the Indians game experience is much better for it.

Here are just three items worth trying on the fantastic Prog menu these days...

Melt Chorizo and Potato Grilled Cheese.
Come on man. Chorizo sausage with potato hash and cheddar cheese in a sandwich! Man food, but of course women love it too.

The Melt stand in the Right Field District is based on the local chain of grilled cheese sandwich shops in Cleveland, and they’re popular not just because of those wacky ingredients but also for that thick bread they pile them on.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer pronounced Melt as a place where “you don’t go to watch your calories”. Bonus at the ballpark: you’ll be walking them off anyway, so go ahead and have a Melt grilled cheese.

Dynomite Burger.
Yes, it’s named for Jimmie Walker’s signature phrase on the TV show “Good Times”, and yes, you’re dating yourself if you’re familiar with it.

But it’s not a bad exclamation for a fresh burger in any of several the “Parallax” (white cheddar, bacon, BBQ mayo and red onion), or the “Chinato” (Mortadella, tomato, red onions and tomato mayo). There are other places to get a perfectly adequate burger here, but this is the high end stuff. Look at those toppings.

Dynomite Burgers are a creation of chef Zack Bruell, who by day is a chef for five fine dining restaurants in Cleveland. And yes, it was his idea to use Jimmie Walker’s catchphrase.

Spuds and Suds Garlic Fries. Spuds and Suds isn’t new, but I fear they will be overshadowed by the new selections in the Right Field District. Not if I can help it. Spuds serves up skin-on, fresh potato, gluten-free garlic fries with parmesan cheese and basil. You can even watch them dice up the potatoes.

Again, if you want to go elsewhere for different varieties of fries, the generic stands have some interesting choices. But if you want your fries authentic, boardwalk-style, and you require the skin still on them, Spuds and Suds is your place.

That’s just three selections at Progressive Field; the place is full of great Cleveland eateries like Barrio, Sweet Moses, Great Lakes Brewing and a fine selection of craft brews too. If you still don’t know how to get your grub on at the home of the Indians, get yourself one of these!

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