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Progressive Field Seating Tip #1:
The Club Seats and Lounge

With the price of food at the game being what it is, often fans will go for an all you can eat deal that teams offer. In most places, this means generic ballpark food in the worst seats in the ballpark.

But in Cleveland (and in its cross-state neighbor Cincinnati), you can get a very nice inclusive deal. Club seating here is a better deal than at most ballparks.

The club seats in Progressive Field are fantastic seats: they are close to the field on the first base side, with a boffo view of the impressive scoreboard and the Cleveland skyline, not to mention the plays at first base.

They also have access to the Club Lounge, with food and non-alcoholic drinks included in the ticket. The food is a class above the basic undersized hot dog and nacho cheese sauce; there are pasta, stir-fry and carving stations, salads, and a chef’s action station with a changing menu. You could get your money's worth on that.

All this in a comfortable climate-controlled area—no small thing in April in Cleveland. April’s a good month to try this out, in fact…you may find some pretty good deals on StubHub.

Progressive Field Seating Tip #2:
Avoid Infield Lower Box

NOTE from Kurt: It looks as though with the recent renovations, the Infield Lower Box seats have been removed anyway; but I'm leaving this tip here for now.

In my last trip to the Prog, I decided to go for the Infield Lower Box seats down the third base line. The ticket was cheap, and I figured I was going to run around the ballpark most of the day taking pictures anyhow.

I’m glad I made that choice, but I wouldn’t have been if I were forced to watch the game from there. The Infield Lower Box seats are true boxes; they are positioned behind the lower box seats from about the left field foul pole to around home plate.

These seats are great if it’s raining; unfortunately when it isn’t the seats are covered by the overhang of the suite levels, thusly blocking your view of the Big Board in most cases.

And the newly smarted up Big Board is one of the more striking visual aspects of Progressive Field. Most all of the new ballparks have the Jumbotrons, with the stats on anything and everything. But the Progressive Field scoreboard is impressive merely because of size. The thing takes up nearly half of the outfield!

And in true old-time baseball tradition, a good portion of it is covered with ads, many of them for local Cleveland institutions. I suppose some could turn their noses up at this and I would understand, but I think it adds to the whole atmosphere.

So don’t cheat yourself on a view of the scoreboard; if you want to save and get an Infield Lower Box seat, get one for a game that won’t be a sellout so you can improve your lie later. Maybe you’re not as close to the action on the field, but an upper level seat provides a much better panoramic view, something Progressive Field does better than many ballparks.

That's two helpful hints about where to sit at Progressive Field...but there's so much more, like the bleachers, the upper deck, the bullpen seats and the new Corner space for standing to pick the right seat for you, make sure you get yourself one of these!

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