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Comerica Park Photo Gallery
Comerica Park Front Gate

The Comerica Park Front Gate, which is actually located on the right field side. Striking. That tiger statue in the center is huge, as you can see by those tiny people around it.

Comerica Park Concourse

Forgive me for not understanding why the Tigers celebrated a 79-83 third place finish season. I have to figure it's uncomfortable posing up there. It looks cool though.

Comerica Park Merry Go Round

The merry-go-round at Comerica Park (yes, there's a merry-go-round) has tigers rather than horses, which hopefully would not tempt these young kids to try riding a tiger later in life.

Comerica Park Flags

The Comerica Park flags outside. When you enter the neighborhood they're all over which is pretty cool. Rather helpful too, if you're looking for a ballpark in the area.

Comerica Park Porch

Apparently they've had problems with this...perhaps fans are less concerned about spilling a $5 beer.

Comerica Park Beer Hall

This large mug (replica) is on top of the Beer Hall, a tavern attached to the ballpark. Recently the Beaver was found in there. He got this crazy idea that it was actually filled with beer.

Comerica Park Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel in the Brushfire Grill area. Of course the idea of a Ferris Wheel in a ballpark seems obvious now, but it was unheard of before Comerica opened.

Comerica Park Fountain

The Chevrolet Fountain in center field. They shoot water in the air when a Tiger hits a home run, and if you're standing nearby you can get a spray of it. Or you can duck underneath of it for the shade, but it's dark in there and you can't see the game.

Comerica Park Pennant

A Comerica Park pennant. I liked it enough to take a photo but not buy it, for some reason. My bad. And no, I'm not using the photo to make my own pennants cheaper.

Comerica Park Food Almonds

The roasted almonds at Comerica. They're something like $6. I think you get about four almonds in a bag.

Comerica Park Food Taco Salad

The taco salad has the shredded cheese, but the nachos have the cheese sauce...apparently there's a logistical problem with having a microwave at ballparks. By the way, this is the floor model taco salad, they don't actually serve it with that rapidly browning guacamole.

Comerica Park Tiger Den Seating

The Tiger Den seats. These are behind the lower level seating; they're padded, have wheels and a table for your food, and with the ticket comes wait service. Wait service? What's a ballgame without a surly concessions worker handing you a hot dog in a size-concealing bag?

Comerica Park Tiger Statues

A tiger statue outside. Look at the fangs on this thing. The Tigers should make opposing team players walk by these.

Comerica Park Ty Cobb Statue

The statue of Ty Cobb executing his famous "exploding limbs" slide. Missing, of course, is the shortstop about to be mercilessly spiked.

Comerica Park Detroit

The view of downtown Detroit from left field. The area around Comerica Park has improved a great deal, but it's still Detroit. Not a place to wave around your traveler's checks.

Comerica Park No Smoking

You can smoke for free at Comerica Park. Actually, Comerica is one of few ballparks where you can leave the ballpark and return, although I think you need to get your foot stamped or something.

Comerica Park Detroit Condominiums

Recently some nice condos were built north of the ballpark, and they actually allow free street parking there. I asked an usher about it and he said he stopped doing it after his car was broken into the fourth time. The fourth time...he must have really been a thrifty guy.

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit, which offers free parking and a shuttle to the ballpark if you have a meal there. Happy Hour specials too, to save you money on ballpark brews (which may explain the $5 booth at the ballpark).

Comerica Park Little Caesar's

Little Caesar's pizza magnate Mike Ilitch owns the Tigers, so naturally Little Caesar's is the pizza of choice at Comerica Park. The Hot and Ready that the chain is famous for is even available; obviously it's not five bucks.

Detroit People Mover

The People Mover rail. The People Mover takes you to any of the attractions in downtown Detroit, including two stops not far from Comerica, for any combination of coins that totals 50 cents. Heck, you could ride it all night for 50 cents.

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Tiger Stadium Detroit Site

Sadly, all that remains of the iconic Tiger Stadium is this field, which isn't even well maintained as you can see. At least it's named after the Tigers' late announcer.

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