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(when you're done roaming around here, of course):

Five Tool School - this website was recommended to me by my Cincinnati buddy Jake Cain, who knew why it would appeal to me. Ryan Spadafora does for his fellow aspiring baseball players what I do for my fellow fans...gathers info from all the sources he can and shares them with you the reader. If you want to learn how to get better at playing baseball, check out this very cool site.

We Should Be GMs - The guys at We Should Be GMs offer a lightweight take on the ongoing saga that is the Phillies. They make bold predictions, humorously twist players’ names, go over the pitching matchups of coming series and let us all know which beer they’ll be drinking for each series. Good for a short overview of the Phillies schedule and never overwhelming. Check it out.
Let Teddy Win - Scott Ableman hit on a great idea for a blog...the nightly foibles of Teddy Roosevelt. Well, not Teddy actually, but the Teddy mascot at Nationals game. In each post Scott documents Teddy's continuing losses in the President's Race that takes place in the fourth inning of each Nationals game, and it's always an interesting read. Excellent source of Nats news as well.
The Itinerant Fan - If you're into sports travel, you've got to check out The Itinerant Fan. It's written by a couple who are determined to visit every major sports venue in North America...and you can imagine how difficult that is! The blog is full of great venue reviews, tips and advice for visiting cities...and it's well-written and well-organized. Highly recommended.
Rally Caps, Rain Delays, and Racing Sausages - Eric Kabakoff visited the home parks of all 30 major-league teams and lived to tell about it in this new book. He did the Tomahawk Chop in Atlanta, cursed out the Rally Monkey in Anaheim, and gave Barry Bonds a standing ovation in San Francisco. He also absorbed Dodger Dogs, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and Kansas City Barbeque, all in the name of seeing baseball teams and their fans up close.
Capital City Cubbie - Tales and Travels of a Kansas Cubs Fan is a "who's who" book covering the players that have adorned the uniform of the Chicago Cubs since 1986. Follow author Jeremy Deckard on a tour of the 2012 season with stops in Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.
From Forbes to Federal - The authors of From Forbes to Federal are probably too young to remember when the Pirates were a National League powerhouse, which makes them my kind of fans. I stumbled on their site looking for PNC Park information; not only do they have a lot of that, they're right on top of Pirates news too.
Mets Merized Online - Rob Silverman shared with me that "I smoke, I have high blood pressure, my hair is turning gray, and I'm a Mets fan. Coincidence? I think not." Maybe, but he's loyal, still covering his beloved Mets with the perspective of both a stat-crazed reporter and a reflecting thoughtful fan. It's a great read and source of anything Mets.
Baseball Panoramic - Baseball Panoramic is a work in progress, but there's some neat panoramas of ballparks being pictured on the site. Rob Noel is a big baseball fan, and he seems like a ballpark guide writer in training!
Burning River Baseball - Burning River Baseball gets its name, presumably, from the story of the Cuyahoga River catching fire in Cleveland. This blog, mostly written by Joe Coblitz, is one no Cleveland Indians fan should be without...timely updates, great statistics and lots of nods to the Indians' great players of the past.
Let's Go Tribe - Ryan Richards of the Let's Go Tribe Indians blog/community was kind enough to put up a nice review of the Progressive Field E-Guide...and I asked him because this blog is a great source of Indians news and commentary. If you're an Indians fan, you'd do well to subscribe to it.
Phillies Phollowers - Jenn from Phillies Phollowers was kind enough to post a nice review of the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide on her fine blog, which recently made the top 100 MLBlogs fan blog list. Jenn covers the Phillies with an upbeat and lighthearted tone that is much needed in the blog world, and the story of how she became a fan is an inspiring one. Check it out if you can.
A Glove of Their Own - If you're looking for a great children's book for the young fan, check out "A Glove of Their Own", by Debbie Moldovan, Keri Conkling and Lisa Funari-Willever. It's a touching story about less fortunate kids playing in a sandlot. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Salomon for an article in JerseyMan Magazine; he really believes in the cause of this book. Have a look.
30 Ballparks in 30 Days - The quest was to see a game in all 30 Major League ballparks in 30 days. The rule was to drive to them all. Check out what happened on our 18,000 mile road trip adventure. There's a movie coming for this...and while I envy the trip, I don't envy doing it in one month! Looking forward to it myself.
The Brewers Bar - Nick Michalski and his pals have been blogging about the Brewers for a long it was cool of them to take the time to put up a kind review of the Miller Park E-Guide. There's lots of Brewers news and commentary here, and they seem to have a knack for finding an appropriate photo for every post. Well done, especially in a town as baseball crazy as Milwaukee.

Fightin’ Phillies – Rich Baxter and Jim Mulry run an outstanding blog and a podcast called “Phillies Talk”. The blog is not just a source for Phillies news and updates, but the daily blog posts often include tales of Phillies and baseball history that always make for an interesting read. If you’re even a mild Phillies fan, you should subscribe to this blog and have their commentary delivered to your inbox. Highly recommended.

SpotHero - If you've ever driven to Wrigley Field, you're well familiar with the unmitigated mess that is parking at Wrigley Field...and how expensive it is. Take care of it beforehand and reserve a sport at SpotHero...and save yourself the trouble of looking for one! (Take it from me...if you must drive, get a spot in advance.)

Kentucky Baseball - Jim Ambs is a Kentucky native who is partial to minor league games, but you'd never know it from the amount of space he gives to major league ballparks on his blog. The posts include some great pictures, and he's done a few pieces on ballpark foods that may help with researching future guides! Like me, Jim loves ballpark road trips. And what's not to love?

Ballpark Chasers - I doubt Craig Landgren envisioned how much his site would grow by leaps and bounds when he started it.  Ballpark Chasers is where ballpark roadtripping geeks gather and share stories, tips and photos from their ballpark trips...and it's always a fun place to hang out. Landgren contributed to Chuck Booth's "Fastest Thirty Ballgames" book.

White Sox Gab - Bill Mahoney almost singlehandedly updates one of the finest White Sox blogs on the Internet. He doesn't sacrifice quality doing it either, with thorough analysis--like of the recent White Sox sweep of the Cubs at Wrigley--and outstanding photos included. A must-read for fans who want to stay on top of the Pale Hose.

Baseball With Matt - If you're looking to introduce the young ones to the great game of baseball so that you can take advantage of their Fan Club membership, try the new Baseball With Matt blog...Matt himself is a young lad, and I'm happy to see the future of baseball writing on his blog. My favorite quote from him: "Wish I could've seen Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, the Polo Grounds in New York and Comiskey Park in Chicago before they knocked them all down." Me too, Matt.

Baseball Between Us - Mike Luery is the author of "Baseball Between Us", a book about traveling across North America and seeing ballgames with his son. I've managed to read a bit of it, and am really looking forward to the rest of it. Recently Mike interviewed yours truly, and was kind enough to place the interview on his blog.

Talking Chop - Martin Gandy's Braves blog is the definitive source of Braves news, stats and game updates. Not that other Braves blogs are lacking in quality, but Talking Chop is mostly all you need. I remember learning much about Turner Field through Talking Chop--it's come a long way since then!

MLB Reports - When MLB Reports says "24/7 Baseball News,  Updates, & Analysis", they ain't kidding. Jonathan Hacohen and his crew of writers keep us posted on everything baseball--including minor league happenings, book reviews, free agent's a must link site for any baseball fan, and there's plenty to look through so give yourself lots of time.

Spadora On Sports - Pete Spadora hosts his Saturday morning ESPN radio show on several stations in New York and Pennsylvania, and has been kind enough to feature yours truly on his show on a couple of occasions. Which incidentally, puts me in the company of Robbie Alomar, Marv Levy, Yogi Berra and Buster Douglas, so that's pretty cool.

The Flagrant Fan - How dedicated is William Tasker  to analysis of the game of baseball? Check out his piece on Batted Ball Boondoggles and you'll get an idea...a statistical analysis of which players hit the most and fewest line drives, ground balls, etc. He's also said his piece about the Hall choices for 2011, and I agree with most all of it. A thoughtful and insightful blog.

The Baseball Page - For a long time I have been looking for something resembling a baseball news website rather than having to go to ESPN or all the time...The Baseball Page understands me. It features news, player and team profiles, and of course a section on ballparks; which will be expanding courtesy of site owner Tom Hannon and yours truly! It's a great site with blog posts from good writers like my buddy Mike Silva; check it out.
Baseball Parks - Joe Mock does it all--Major and Minor League ballpark reviews that go well into the depths of each place. He's a great guy too...when I e-mailed him asking about how he published his Ballpark Guide, he gave me his phone number and took the time to speak with me about all kinds of publishing things. His site is outstanding--and now features a Ballpark E-Guides page in his store!

Crack of The Bat - For someone relatively new to blogging, Taylor Denson gets it. His blog is well-designed and regularly keeps fans posted on happenings in the baseball world, with an opinion or two thrown in. He's got an all-time team; and while I might argue with his choice at catcher, I certainly have to agree with who he has at shortstop!
NYY Stadium Insider - Ross Sheingold has grabbed the new Yankee Stadium by the horns and explains it very well, and I've even learned a few things from his excellent blog. A former season ticket holder, Ross has even taken the time to explain how to avoid the obstructed views of the Mohegan Sun.
Ben Wahrle's Ballparks - Ben Wahrle just asked me to update his ballpark total--he's up to 24 now! So he's already passed me! Wahrle has profiles of each ballpark, and includes photos he's taken if he's been there. Plus when you go to a ballpark page, your mouse pointer turns into the team's logo, which is pretty cool. Worth checking out.
The Fantasy Fix - The independent source for fantasy sports advice, news, rumors, strategies, projections and more! I'm not a fantasy baseball guy...I would need the package for that and to watch 10 games a night like Dad does...but I honestly think I could do pretty well with this blog helping out. If you're a fantasy playing sort, definitely check it out!
Dear Mr. Fantasy – Chris McBrien’s blog is mostly dedicated to the art of running a fantasy baseball team, which as I’ve learned from my armchair GM father, is no easy thing. Fortunately Chris has a lot of fun with it, and he knows the players and their strengths fairly well. He also includes entertaining “Fun Facts of the Day” to go along with the lighthearted analysis.
Frommer on Sports - Harvey Frommer is the author of quite few baseball books - including two excellent ballpark oral histories - "Remembering Fenway Park" and "Remembering Yankee Stadium". Both books are fine, illustrated coffee table volumes for fans of both ballparks, which all baseball fans should be. If you don't believe me, check out the rave reviews for yourself! Harvey also writes a fine blog called "Dr. Harvey Frommer on Sports" and he and his wife Myrna have penned several cultural history books based in New York City. Fine stuff.
Dropped Strike Three – Patrick Adair is dedicated Phillies fan who is rather humble about his abilities; he claims to not be the slightest bit of an expert, but he’s said nice things about the Citizens Bank Park E-Guide, so who am I to agree! DST provides news links and lots of insightful and humorous analysis to go with it, and it’s as high-quality a blog as any.
Garlic Fries and Baseball – Ronni Redmond’s Garlic Fries and Baseball blog recently passed the 20,000 view mark—congratulations Ronni! Her blog is one of the rare ones by a writer that I often find myself agreeing with; there are some great philosophical outlooks on the game we all love. And of course, it’s a great name for a blog.
The Bragging Rights League - Jeff Polman puts out a weekly novella that turns baseball history on its head. His blog is written from the perspective of a player on a team of all-white superstars that were placed into an all-black league for a 60-game season. In it he shares what might be the viewpoints from Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams among others. It's a compelling "what if the South won the war" type of historical read, and gives one a vivid picture of the times in the 1940s.
Birds Watcher - Lauren Tilley has been an Orioles fan her whole life, and remarkably remains so despite not having yet see her Birds have a winning season! And I thought I had it rough. Birds Watcher keeps you posted on the O's updates, with her devoted (and yes, sometimes frustrated) fan commentary thrown in. Lauren also wrote a very kind review for the Oriole Park E-Guide, always appreciated!
The Eddie Kranepool Society - Steve Keane named his blog after his favorite all-time Met, and his blog is what you would expect from a Mets fanatic, which can't be easy these days. Keane recently described being given a media credential, and seeing mainstream media reporters with a "there goes the neighborhood" look. Well done. Keane looks for positives in the Mets' plight, despite their difficulties.
Living Philly Sports - LivingPhillySports covers anything and everything Philadelphia sports, even a little bit of the 76ers as they proclaim. The updates come very frequently, and site owner "DT" (he will not allow me to reveal his full name) also hosts an entertaining weekly blog talk radio show. Like me, he has been distressed with the Flyers' recent play.
Fire Brand of the American League is all over the Red Sox. They have thorough game day reports, game notes, commentary, and news items that rival that of any site, including those big monsters like ESPN. Plus they were kind enough to place a friendly post about the Ballpark E-Guides site. That’s how the BBA rolls, but I don’t offer E-Guides for review to just any blog. If you’re a Red Sox fan, you should subscribe to Fire Brand and do it soon!
Lady Loves Pinstripes - Kate Conroy is a huge fan of both the New York Yankees and Giants, and hopes to be a sports reporter someday. I'd hire her; she's on top of updates and adds professional commentary while remaining a fan. She was kind enough not only to review the Yankee Stadium E-Guide, but also to put an ad for it on her site!
The Mighty Quinn Media Machine - John Quinn is the Lt. Guvna of Trivial Things of Red Sox Nation - NY. I'm not sure what that means, but any title with "Red Sox Nation" in it has to be important! John not only blogs about the Red Sox and anything else he finds interesting, he is also a Monty Python easy way to bond with the owner of Ballpark E-Guides! (Splunge!) John also put a very nice review of the Fenway Park E-Guide on his blog.
408 To Center - Tom and Jason at 408 To Center share their thoughts about the Mets almost daily, with news and opinions about the latest Mets moves--and financial troubles. A nice easy read for the Mets fan not looking to be bogged down in the current pessimistic black cloud that seems to be hanging over a team that must share a city with the Yankees and a division with the Phillies.
Boston Red Thoughts - Christine E. at Boston Red Thoughts made some space on her fine blog to review the Fenway Park E-Guide, and said nothing but nice things. Christine writes from the perspective of a hard core and sometimes conflicted Red Sox fan, often with a good one-liner tossed in. Have a look.
Confessions of a She-Fan - Jane Heller is the author of over a dozen books, including "Confessions of a She-Fan", her account of following the Yankees everywhere. She somehow found the time to put a very nice review of the Yankee Stadium E-Guide on her blog of the same name. She even put a happy face ball with a Yankees helmet in the post, which my wife likes better than any logos I've come up with.
LenNY's Yankees - Lenny Neslin is a Yankees devotee living in Red Sox country of Hanover, NH - and yet he stays on top of Yankees news, updating his fine blog daily, and if there's no news, he's still got something posted, like his kind blurb about the Yankee Stadium E-Guide. Hopefully, the quality of his blog will help keep him safe!
MetSilverman - Matt Silverman is the bona fide published author of two books about the Mets: Mets Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan! and 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. As busy as he is, he put a very nice review of the Citi Field E-Guide, interview included, on his blog, which is written from the viewpoint of someone who clearly lives and dies with the Mets.
Wrigley Guide - I don't know if Matt Motyka works alone, but I can't imagine how much work goes into the Wrigley Guide website. Wrigley Guide gives not only an overview of what to expect at the Friendly Confines, it also provides a diagram of the seating chart where you can get the word on just about any seat in the park, especially on whether it has an obstructed view. I emphatically recommend this to anyone planning a visit to Wrigley. But more importantly, how did he find the time?
Ballpark Savvy - Jake Cain recently made an appearance on a local news show in Cincinnati, and I should say he did quite well, far better than I would have been in a television appearance. Like me, Jake supplies information on parking and tickets, but he's way ahead of me...he's got guides for all 30 Major League ballparks! Ballpark Savvy is a great source of information, and he's been great about including some of my items. His site is excellent.
Baseball Pilgrimages - Graham Knight not only included my list of top 5 ballparks, putting me in the elite company of celebs like NASCAR champion Kurt Busch, but his site is full of beautiful pictures and well-written overviews of Major League parks. He's been really helpful with advice for this dangerous undertaking, but don't hold that against him...Graham's site is well worth a visit!
NY Baseball Digest - Mike Silva is a very busy man, as you can tell from his blog, but he still took the time to post a Ballpark E-Guides recommendation on his blog. Silva also is the host of a weekly Blog Talk Radio show of the same can listen to podcasts here. May feature yours truly soon...
Yanks Go Yard - Not only did Andy Corselli of Yanks Go Yard give the Yankee Stadium E-Guide a glowing review, he runs a fine Yankees blog. Yanks Go Yard is right on top of the latest updates on the Bronx Bombers, and he adds good, fact-based commentary to go with it. He often adds videos to posts that are hilariously apt. You don't need to be a Yankees fan to enjoy it and get a good laugh.
SawxBlog - Derek Hixon was kind enough to review the Fenway Park E-Guide, and placed a nice picture of it on his blog. SawxBlog is a popular and well done blog about the Boston Red Sox with terrific photos (I really underestimate the value of photos on a blog). We appreciate his support.

7 Train To Shea - Steve Sidoti posted a very nice review of the Citi Field E-Guide on the 7 Train To Shea blog. Not only does this blog have probably the coolest name of all the Mets blogs (with all respect to Faith And Fear in Flushing and Amazin' Avenue), but these guys are dedicated and always on top of Mets updates. A great source of Mets news, and they have a decent podcast too.

That Balls Outta Here
- Justin Klugh was the first Phillies blogger to take the time to review an E-Guide, but he reviewed it as only a Philly fan can. Klugh's blog, named after the late Harry Kalas's signature home run call, is a down-to-earth and often humorous take on all things Phillies. Good stuff.
It's Mets For Me - The It's Mets For Me: Off-Beat, Tangentially Relevant Mets Ruminations blog, run by someone under the name of Ignatious Malloy Forme (or I.M. Forme - it took me a while to figure it out), also placed a very nice review of the Citi Field E-Guide on their blog. This blog is also a well written source of updates, with apt and humorous illustrations and links.
Royalty Tours - Gary Herman is just utterly insane - and he's my kind of guy. Gary recently sent me his schedule for the rest of 2010, and he's on his way to an event just about every day of the week--sometimes two! I am not kidding, this guy is dedicated. Gary has shared fantastic information regarding parking and food, some of which has found its way in E-Guides, but shhh...don't tell him!
Amazin' Avenue - Amazin' Avenue has temporarily been renamed "Alderson Avenue" in the wake of the Mets signing Sandy Alderson as their new GM. Chris McShane at Amazin' Avenue took the time to go into serious depth with his review of the Citi Field E-Guide and did a terrific job. He brought some things to my attention that will need to be addressed, which I appreciate. This is an excellent blog with great writers.
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