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The home of the Tigers is one of the more underrated in the recent ballpark boom. Part of the reason for this is that it was overshadowed at the time by the opening of the stunning Pacific Bell Park (now AT&T Park) in San Francisco. But the main reason is that not too many Tigers fans were happy about it being built in the first place.

Comerica Park replaced Tiger Stadium, a long-established venue that was almost at the level of Fenway Park or Wrigley Field in its iconic presence. It wasn’t easy for Tigers fans who had long memories of years of games at Tiger Stadium to move into this new ballpark, beautiful though it may be.

Any fan who grew up going to games with their father in the same ballpark for their whole lives can appreciate this feeling. I was 24 years old when Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was replaced with Camden Yards. Camden was so phenomenally right that it made the transition easier, but no matter how great Camden Yards is, I’ll never forget Memorial, and I still miss it.

So unfortunately Comerica hasn’t been as appreciated as much as many new ballparks, despite that it’s an outstanding piece of architecture. There is a magnificent view of the city skyline, a large, attractive scoreboard, and very little in obstructed views…which was a problem at Tiger Stadium. Comerica has bigger concourses, a merry go round and Ferris wheel for the kids, and quite a few party areas. There’s also probably the best front entrance in baseball, with huge tiger statues glaring down on you.

Comerica also has statues of Tigers greats and a General Motors fountain in center field saluting the auto industry for which Detroit is best known. In 2002 another iconic logo became visible from the Comerica Park stands, as Ford Field opened next door to host the Lions. Talk of a new hockey arena for the Red Wings in the same location is now in the works.

And with the Tigers consistently competitive and drawing larger amounts of fans, the nearby neighborhood is growing too, and making downtown Detroit an attractive tourist destination. Restaurants have opened on all sides of the park, and there’s even a few taverns that are giving folks a ride to the game.

Comerica Park is one of America’s best ballparks, and one day it will be recognized, when enough time passes and enough sons have memories of great games there.

So, let’s get cracking on seeing a game at Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers Tickets: If I lived in the area, I’d go straight to the box office and get tickets; but it’s also easy enough to use StubHub or eBay. Here is my recommendation for using third party sellers.

Comerica Park Seating: There are plenty of great places to sit in Comerica Park; here are two that I have a preference for.

How To Get To Comerica Park:
With less public transit than most cities, most Detroit natives drive their car to Comerica Park. But here are a couple of establishments that will save you the trouble.

Comerica Park Food: The Tigers have been taking steps to improve the menu at Comerica Park; here's a bit about that.

More Comerica Park Food: I’ve included here a bit about Leo's Coney Island which you ought to try (even though I didn't...).

Comerica Park Extras: Comerica is loaded with extraneous stuff; here are my three favorites.

Comerica Park Photos: Check out a few pics of Comerica Park from yours truly; hope you enjoy them.

Remembering Tiger Stadium: I never got to see Tiger Stadium, so I wrote a review of Tom Stanton's book "The Final Season", in which he shares his memories of the great ballpark.

Coming To Visit Detroit? Here is why I use Hotwire and where I stay when visiting a city.

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