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Comerica Park Extras -
Three Things Not to Miss at Comerica

OK, of course I should include the Ferris wheel and the merry-go-round in the Big Cat Court. But I am for once going to assume that these are obvious to you, and I’m throwing in some different suggestions.

The Front Gate/Tiger Statues – The front gate at Comerica Park, which is actually on the right field side, is the most popular entrance because of the photo ops. But it’s worth the wait if you’ve never been, because of the tiger statues. They are large and intimidating enough that you may think “boy, if these were real, I’d be in deep you-know-what”.

In particular the large tiger at the front entrance is a great photo-op, if for no other reason than to use a human to give some perspective on its size. This and the huge bats arranged to make the entrance look like a cave, makes the front gate at Comerica well worth the line.

Player Statues – In left center field are the retired numbers of Tigers greats, and behind them are statues of them in their familiar positions, like Ty Cobb’s hard slide or Al Kaline’s reaching catch. Word is that small spikes were built into Kaline’s glove, so that if a ball lands there it will stick. Maybe someday.

The statue designer pulled off the motion bit a little better than whoever designed the statues in Washington, and these are worth a look to reminisce on Tigers greatness. If you’re there during the game though, keep an eye on the game, because you may get sprayed by the nearby fountain if a Tiger homers.

Sigh...Unfortunately my third "don't miss it" was Charley Marcuse, a.k.a. the Singing Hot Dog Guy. Charley and his act have been relieved from vendor duty as of 2013. Sorry to see you go, Charley.

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