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Three Foods to Try at Comerica Park

The Tigers have been stepping up and answering the call of what to eat at Comerica Park, not just with restaurants but with more unique food stands and kiosks.

I used to think the food selection at Comerica Park was unremarkable, but that has definitely changed. Here are three suggestions if you’re planning a visit...

1) The Late Night Burger

The 313 Burger Company in the Big Cat Court has a burger that does it’s breakfast and dinner, it’s steak and eggs, it’s a meal in a sandwich. It’s that Late Night named for those visits to restaurants whose best selling point is being open all night.

The Late Night is a burger with bacon, cheese and a fried egg, with some fries in your basket for that true diner feel. I kind of think there are no condiments necessary on this one, but I’m sure some would pour on the ketchup.

The Late Night carries a price tag, but at least you don’t have to find a local Denny’s to enjoy one.

2) The Poutine Dog

Pretty much every sports fan knows what poutine is by the bacon on a stick, the French fries with gravy and cheese have been showing up on stadium menus all over the country. But to my knowledge, the Tigers are the only baseball team in MLB to put them on a hot dog.

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to take big bites off of this thing or use a fork to eat the cheese curds or whatever, but this is another meal in itself, and it may be the most unusual dog I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some weird ones.

The Poutine Dog is available at the Downtown stand... assuming they didn't do away with it in the remodeling of the food court. I hope not. I’d have a picture for you, but I ordered the Late Night Dog and I doubt it was as good!

3) Potachos

Beg your pardon? Did you say “Potachos”? Yes. Potato nachos, or more correctly, nachos served on potato chips rather than the ubiquitous tortilla chips.

I’ve been eating nachos on tortilla chips for so long that it simply never occurred to me that there could be another option. And yet the potato chip nachos...with cheese sauce, bacon bits, green onions and sour cream...actually work pretty well. Bacon bits make everything better—comedian Jim Gaffigan calls them the “fairy dust of the food kingdom”.

So for an interesting take on ballpark nachos, try the Potachos at the Michigan Craft Beer stand. They have some good local brews you can try there, too.

There’s just three things you can try at the home of the Tigers; remember they have a bunch of restaurants in the ballpark too. One of these will help you decide!

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