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Miller Park Photo Gallery

Miller Park Milwaukee

A very cool shot of Miller Park from the south lots. Doesn't look like a ballpark, does it? More like a planetarium or an IMAX theater. Come to think of it, a movie screen on the entire roof showing The Matrix would be pretty wicked.

Miller Park Clock Tower

The clock tower and elevator at the front entrance. It never occurred to me to ask if I could go to the top of the tower and scope out the lots for the most generous tailgaters.

Miller Park 90 Bus

If you don’t want to bother driving and finding a spot, you can take the MCTS 90 bus—created specifically for Miller Park patrons. Why "90" and not "The Miller Park Bus"? Beats me. Maybe the secrecy is the key to its success.

Pfister Hotel Milwaukee

The Pfister Hotel, which is sometimes occupied by visiting players—and is rumored to be haunted. If there are ghosts there, then they’re good Brewers fans, because visiting players reportedly don’t get a lot of sleep.

Milwaukee Brewers classic logo

The MB-glove former Brewers logo in the plants at one of the entrances. This logo is still popular with Brewers fans, and I always liked it myself. And baseball makes a lot of money from people like me.

Miller Park Tailgating

No fans tailgate like Brewers fans, and yes, I’m including those football wusses who only do it for eight home games a year as opposed to 81.

Miller Park Roof

When I toured Miller Park, we happened to catch a guy working on the roof. This should give you an idea of how massive the place is. Refer to my earlier comment about The Matrix.

Miller Park AirTran Landing Zone

This is the AirTran Landing Zone, where a group can party behind the right field fence for a fairly high price. Now you know the real reason the Mets have moved the fences in at Citi Field.

Miller Park Kelly's Bleachers

Kelly's Bleachers is one of more than two dozen Milwaukee establishments that will give you a ride to the game if you have a drink there. I'm not sure why such shuttles are so prolific in Milwaukee, but I suspect the alternative of tailgating in Wisconsin in April might have something to do with it.

Miller Park Motorcycle Parking

Miller Park is the only ballpark I've seen with an exclusive lot for motorcycles.  And only for H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) members at that. If you're sufficiently under-endowed enough to be riding a Honda or Suzuki, park on Blue Mound, buddy.

Miller Park TGI Fridays

There is a TGI Friday's in Miller Park, and they have indoor and outdoor seating areas and space for parties. And if it's good enough for Guy Fieri, well...let me get back to you on that.

Miller Park Bernies Slide

This is Bernie Brewer's slide, where the affable Brewers mascot slides into the splash zone when a Brewer hits a home run. In the old stadium, Bernie slid into a vat of beer, but the mounting number of incidents he had driving home after the Brewers had a particularly successful offensive night made the team re-think it.

Miller Park Gehl Club

This is the outdoor area of the Gehl Club, the high-end seating down the left field line. The Gehl Club is actually reasonable by party area standards, and the Brewers throw in a lot of goodies. It's also big enough that you could bring two separate dates.

Miller Park Seating

There are four tiers of seating in Miller Park, which means that in the upper level--which is called the Terrace here--you are WAY up there. Not for the faint of heart.

Miller Park Uecker Seats

The two big poles you see here--which actually extend all the way down to the ground--help to anchor the roof. The sections behind them are the Uecker Seats, so named for the classic Miller commercial featuring Mr. Baseball.

Bob Uecker Brewers

I managed to catch Uke as he was packing up after the game. He nodded at me when I shouted "Stay well, man!" My favorite Uecker quote, from Catcher in The Wry: "When you hit .200, people tend to exaggerate your defensive skills."

Miller Park Spring Madness

The Brewers have Spring Madness games where tickets, dogs, and sodas are discounted, and I'm not complaining, but this is the $1 soda, with the ketchup packet there for proportion. Still a bargain for a ballgame, I guess.

Miller Park Sausage Race

The famous Klement's Sausage Race. Brewers fans really get into this. Chorizo won that day, but unfortunately I had already eaten a Polish and didn't have the stomach to celebrate. But it's still great. Nothing like people hustling around home plate in sausage costumes.

Miller Park Food Secret Stadium Sauce

The aforementioned Polish with the vaunted Secret Stadium Sauce. I don't know how vegetarians do it.

Miller Park Beer Barrel Polka

During the 7th-inning stretch in Milwaukee, they sing the "Beer Barrel Polka", Milwaukee's own baseball celebration. And fans sing along loudly before knocking people over to get to the restroom.

Miller Park Roof Closing

Fans get to watch the roof closing after each game, which is really cool. This was a big deal in 2001 when the place first opened, and they played music from 2001: A Space Odyssey while it was closing. Open the pod bay roof, Hal.

Miller Park Drive Home

And suddenly, after the big tailgating party, sliding into the vat of beer and singing the "Beer Barrel Polka" and having the time of your life at Miller Park, it hits you..."oh CRAP, I gotta drive HOME!" The Brewers, recognizing this, will call a cab for you and I think they will let you get your car the next day if you're early enough.

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