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Miller Park and its massive retractable roof is a marvelous triumph of architecture…but its great appeal to Brewers fans still remains the parking lot.

The tailgating scene before Brewers games is like no other in baseball that I have seen. (Second place would be the White Sox, and they don’t even come close.) Lines of cars sit waiting for the parking lot gates to open, and seconds after it does there are tents being set up, grills fired, tables of food being laid out, and footballs being tossed around.

The tailgating at Brewers games rivals that of any football team’s, and these people do it 81 times a year…not to mention all of the postseason games that the Brewers have been playing lately. Rain or shine, Brewers fans endure the elements before stepping into their weather-proof ballpark.

This isn’t to say that Miller Park isn’t monumentally impressive in its own right, of course. There are four tiers of seating, several party patios and kids play sections, and they brought back Bernie Brewer’s slide…although Bernie no longer slides into a vat of beer. Miller Park is very easily accessible by car, with relatively inexpensive parking, and the food choices range from the five different kinds of sausages to stuffed baked potatoes and everything in between.

And there is that massive, retractable roof…guaranteeing that a game will be played that day, no matter what the weather.

Not that Wisconsinites ever have a problem with the weather. The county may occasionally wonder why they went to such trouble to build the retractable roof, when the big attraction to many Brewers fans is still the parking lot.

A Brewers game at Miller Park is a great time, and if you haven’t been there, you need to go. As always, Ballpark E-Guides is here to help with everything from parking to peanuts!

Milwaukee Brewers Tickets: I recommend going through the Brewers to get tickets more than third parties, because most of the time you will get a better deal through the Brewers, one of the best value teams in baseball. But if you do go through a third-party seller, check out my recommendation.

Miller Park Seating: Miller Park has every kind of seating for every kind of taste, including incredibly cheap seats for the family. However, the two cheapest sections have their pitfalls, which I talk about here. There are plenty of great deals on Brewers tickets; you don’t need to necessarily go super-cheap.

How to Get to Miller Park: Miller Park is very easy to get to from I-94 and its connecting interstates I-43, I-894, and I-794. But you can also use one of the many shuttles that nearby taverns offer to get to the ballpark; here are two suggestions that you can try.

Miller Park Food: Here is a bit of an overview of what is available to eat at Miller Park.

More Miller Park Food: If you’re not partaking of the abundant tailgating scene, or if the Sausage Race makes you hungry for a chorizo, make sure you try the Secret Stadium Sauce.

Miller Park Tailgating: You'll want to take part in the best pre-game party in baseball--so here are a few tips.

Miller Park Extras: There is no shortage of sideshows at Miller Park; here are my three “Don’t Miss It”s when you come to the home of the Brewers.

Miller Park Photos:
I finally sorted out my temporary problems with getting photos on the site, and put up the Miller Park photo gallery for your edification.

Coming to Visit Milwaukee? Here is why I use Hotwire and my recommendation for hotel locations.

Is Miller Park The Right Name? Just a short thought, but I got to thinking maybe Miller Park should be called Miller Field. See why here.

Why Brewers Fans May Be The Best in Baseball: If you've ever witnessed the Arctic Tailgate, it's a site to behold. The Brewers have some crazy fans!

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