The Yankees vs. StubHub: What You Need To Know

I’m sure you have heard about the Yankees’ new ticketing policy; it’s been in the news a lot lately courtesy of a ticked off blogosphere. If you haven’t heard, you should thank me, because I could be saving you some serious aggravation. (No charge. Just tell your friends about me.)

In a nutshell, the Yankees no longer accept print-at-home tickets; only hard stock tickets and mobile phone scans are accepted. In other words, one of your best options for affordable tickets... downloading them from StubHub or another broker on game day and printing them at gone.

You can still buy and sell Yankees tickets on StubHub, but there likely won’t be as many available, because it’s a royal pain in the rear for a seller to send the tickets to StubHub and presumably there will be less of a market. Season ticket holders especially will probably go through the Yankees Ticket Exchange to re-sell their tickets. (I don't know that for sure, though. Stay tuned.)

For the second time (I have opined about the Yankees' war on StubHub here) the Yankees have done a miserable job of PR with this. Team COO Lonn Trost claims that it’s to protect fans against fraud, and he’s also made known that the Yankees are determined to keep the noisy riffraff away from the corporate wine and cheese crowd in the Legends seats who actually paid the Yankees' insane asking price. Needless to say, the average fan isn’t too happy about what the Yankees think of them right now.

I’m not here to criticize the Yankees’ front office. If you decide not to go to any Yankees games this year, feel free to do so…it’s understandable. But I am here to tell you that you still have some options for cheaper Yankees tickets, since that’s what I do.

First off, you should probably own a smartphone and download the Ticketmaster app, since your best game day option is probably going to be the Yankees Ticket Exchange if not the Yankees’ website itself. You don’t want to wait at Will Call for tickets, and you should definitely avoid the Yankees box office on game day, especially now.

I don’t like to encourage scalping, but the "brokers" that hang out around Heritage Field will have hard stock tickets and for low demand games you can probably score a better deal than at the box office. Sometimes, you may be tempted to patronize an outside broker just because the box office lines are so long. (I will neither confirm nor deny having done this.)

It’s also a good idea to know where the StubHub last minute center’s in the Bronx Terminal Market as I write this, a quarter mile away from the Stadium near the Metro-North station. Some cheaper tickets may still go through StubHub. It’s a bit of a hike, but it’s not bad exercise. You could even try visiting the place on game day just to see what they have.

Finally, if you’re looking for cheap Yankees tickets, remember that the game day option isn’t the only way to get them. Believe it or not, the Yankees offer some great deals on tickets through their newsletter, especially to MasterCard holders, and if you’re looking for premium seats at a discount, there are ways to land those, too.

That, of course, is why you should own a Yankee Stadium E-Guide...

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