"Since I’m planning to visit Washington, I got my hands on Kurt’s guide for Nationals Park — and let me tell you, it is THOROUGH. I thought I knew D.C. well, but I’ve already found quite a few nuggets of info in the guide that I’m looking forward to testing for myself. Look in particular for the “Tightwad Tips”...in which he offers money-saving tips that you might not otherwise know about." - Edward de la Fuente, The Itinerant Fan

Get a great seat. Get to the ballpark easily. Get some good eats.

And SAVE MONEY on all of it...with the

Nationals Park E-Guide!

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With a Nationals Park E-Guide, you’ll know how to...

...Get tickets. You’ll know about the numerous ways to get Nationals tickets, from the website to the box office to StubHub and other third party sellers, and where you’re likely to find scalpers...

...Get a great seat. You’ll get the biz on all the seating areas, from the Delta Sky360 Club to the Grandstand and everything in between, with the advantages and disadvantages of each...

...Get to the ballpark. Want to drive and park cheaply? Want to take the popular Metro? Or the D.C. Circulator? How about a ferry ride? A bar shuttle? A bicycle? The Nationals Park E-Guide covers them all!

...Get some good eats. You’ll get the skinny on Ben’s Chili, the Mike Isabella sandwiches, and the Union Square items like the Shake Shack. Want a Philly cheesesteak? A District Doughnut? Sausages, pizza, chicken sandwiches, it's all here...

...Get a few extras. You’ll learn about a few extra little Nationals Park items too; about things like accessibility, kids play areas, the President’s Race, and special nights like “Pups In The Park”...

...and best of all, SAVE MONEY.

The Nationals Park E-Guide is full of “Tightwad Tips” that will show you lots of ways to go cheap on everything from Nationals tickets to parking to food! Ballgames are expensive, so don’t pay more than you have to—find out how with a Nationals Park E-Guide today!

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"Kurt Smith has left no stone unturned. From transportation to seat selection to food and drink and where to get the best deals, you can find the answer in his Ballpark E-Guides." - Scott Ableman, Let Teddy Win

"If you are heading down to DC for some Phillies/Nationals action be sure to grab the Nationals Park E-Guide! It has all the tricks of the trade from food to parking...It's totally worth it to have a half of clue what you are doing in enemy territory!" - DT, Living Philly Sports

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