Nationals Park Photo Gallery

WMATA Metro Station

As you can see, the concourses are huge. Ha ha, just joshin'. This is a train station on the excellent Metro subway system. Pretty impressive, considering the quality of most D.C. efforts.

Nationals Park Center Field Gate

This is the view of the ballpark and center field entrance upon exiting the Navy Yard Metro station. Just a short walk past a few hundred helpful folks asking if you need tickets and you're in the ballpark.

Capitol Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare will let you rent a bike from one location and cycle to another and drop it off, and there's a rack near the ballpark which is pretty cool. Some good exercise even if they're "girl" bikes.

Nationals Park Parking

Lot HH used to be $15, but the Nats decreased the price to soften the blow of discontinuing the Nats Express from RFK Stadium. I guess they figured after two years people should know to go to the NEW ballpark now.

The Bullpen Nationals Park

The Bullpen area just outside the center field gate, where you can get your corn hole on. Sort of like sanctioned tailgating except the beer is more expensive.

Nationals Park Das Bullpen

Das Bullpen was recently added near the Metro stop, another pre- or post-game party zone. With free admission! You have to pay for drinks or food, but it doesn't cost anything to stand around the picnic area like a dolt.

For a city that didn't have a team for 33 years, Washington has a lot of baseball history, and Nationals Park highlights it. As yet I haven't found the most famous quote about Washington during the Senators years: "First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

Nationals Park Red Loft

The Red Porch and Red Loft dining areas in center field. Nationals Park has more party areas than most any ballpark, except maybe Miller Park in Milwaukee. Beer should be cheaper as you get further from home plate.

Nationals Park Concourse

For some reason, you can use a back walkway to get to the upper level seats, even though there is a stairway right there. Not sure why, maybe some D.C. residents don't want to be seen.

Anacostia River Nationals Park

There's a great view of the Anacostia River from the upper level. There's construction here as part of the potential urban renewal around the ballpark, so enjoy it before the Marion Barry Museum goes up.

Capitol Carvery

The Capitol Carvery meat carvers in the Stars & Stripes Club. The guy on the left gave me grief for just taking a picture of a big slab of beef and not the professional carvers. He had a point.

Nationals Park Food Steak Of The Union

Steak of the Union sells Philly cheesesteaks (it really says "Philly cheesesteak" on the menu). In the perfect Nats world, Philadelphia would produce great delicacies and no traveling fans.

Nationals Park Food Hard Times Nachos

These are the Hard Times chili nachos, well worth the mildly high price. The chili has a nice zing, lots of cheese and sour cream and you can season it with Old Bay. Takes at least an inning and a half to get through them, even for me.

Nationals Park Stars and Stripes Club

The luxury seating in front of the Stars & Stripes Club. Like sitting in an airplane seat without the turbulence. Almost as high up too.

Nationals Park Red Porch Seats

These are the Red Porch seats in center field...I talk more about them in the Nationals Park seating tips. The best part of these is the net for all of your stuff underneath. As someone who brings industrial-sized bags of peanuts to games that's a big deal.

Nationals Park Cherry Trees

There are beautiful cherry trees in the left field concourse, perhaps as a tribute to the founder of our country. I wonder what happens to these on "Bring Your Dog Night". (No kidding, the Nationals really have dog nights.)

Stephen Strasburg Jersey

A Stephen Strasburg jersey, available and always at the ready just in case he wows the crowd with a complete game.

Washington Nationals Screech

The Nationals mascot, Screech, dancing on the Nationals dugout. The ballgirl seems to be getting more attention here, however. Even from Screech himself.

Washington Nationals Park Scoreboard Clock

This is the clock attached to the scoreboard, and it's especially cool lit up at night. Check out the walkway behind it. How'd you like to be the guy that has to fix the clock?

Nationals Park Walter Johnson Statue

The Walter Johnson statue, one of the "motion" statues of Washington baseball greats. The Big Train threw pretty hard, but he didn't have six arms.

Nationals Park Racing Presidents

Teddy Roosevelt as one of the Racing Presidents, who pose and mingle with fans outside before the game. Teddy never wins the race, but he finds some hilarious ways to lose.

Nationals Park Spanish

My Spanish isn't that great, but I believe this says "The Lost Nation Gives Thanks For Veneer".

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