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Citi Field Food:
Tip #1 – Box Frites Garlic Parmesan Fries

If you enter Citi Field through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, admire it for about 15 minutes, and then stroll around the ballpark to the center field area and its unique food options, by the time you arrive there will usually be a line about 25 people deep at the Shake Shack.

The Shackburger may be a go-to food item at Citi Field, but I don’t know that they’re so great that they’re worth a half hour wait in line, when you could be taking in the view from the Pepsi Porch.

If you’re not early enough to get to the Shackburger, at least go for Box Frites, which is across from the Shake Shack in the center field area. Box Frites lines can get long too, but they move much more quickly.

Box Frites has Belgian-style fries cooked to a crisp with a soft inside, with the skin partially still on the fries as required by fry aficionados.

New flavors are frequently added to the menu, like garlic parmesan and cheddar bacon fries. They come in two sizes, and both include a dipping sauce. Extra dipping sauces can be had for a fee.

What makes the fries extra special is what you can dip them in…house mayonnaise, chipotle ketchup, blue cheese or pesto parmesan to name a few.

When the Amazin’ Avenue blog reviewed the Citi Field E-Guide, they gave me some grief for not mentioning the garlic parmesan fries. Point taken. Fries in garlic butter is always a winner, and the Box Frites garlic parmesans get rave reviews not just at Citi Field, but also at Nationals Park in Washington, where they have been added to an already large menu of ballpark food.

Of course they’re not cheap—you’ll be shelling out close to $10 for a larger box—but I’m sure you’re long past the point where you expect food at the ballpark to be reasonable. Up to you.

There’s another Box Frites in the upper level food court, by the way, which could save you some trouble if you’re sitting in the upper level behind home plate, like I have suggested.

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Tip #2 – The Mama’s Cannoli

Mama’s of Corona is another local presence at Citi Field, and has been around for Mets games since the days of Shea Stadium. They’re known for New York Italian deli-style sandwiches with truly necessary ingredients like roasted red peppers.

They’re also known for a tasty, cold cannoli.

It’s not so much that the Mama’s cannoli is the best cannoli you’ll ever have in your life, although it ranks up there in my case. But the best thing about the Mama’s cannoli is the blue and orange sprinkles on each end. In a ballpark that was initially chastised for not paying sufficient tribute to its tenant, the sprinkles make it clear.

But it’s a perfectly tasty pastry too, a crispy shell doused in confectioner sugar containing a sweet creamy filling. And those Mets-colored sprinkles of course. Take a picture.

The Mama’s of Corona stand is located in the World’s Fare Market, in the right field dining area. There is a Mama’s on the Promenade level as well.

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