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Citi Field opened in 2009, the same year as the new Yankee Stadium two train rides away in the Bronx. But the two new homes of baseball in New York couldn’t be more different—in fact, Populous, the architecture firm that designed both, wouldn’t allow the design teams anywhere near each other during the conceptual phases.

The new Yankee Stadium does everything big. Citi Field is more modest and down to earth, if it is possible for a ballpark in New York City to be.

The exterior purposely resembles Ebbets Field, the former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the inside of the main gate features a rotunda also dedicated to a Dodger. For the first year of Citi Field’s existence, Mets fans wondered out loud whether the authors of Citi Field’s design wanted the ballpark to have anything to do with the actual team that played there.

The Mets have since taken steps to fix this situation. A Mets Hall of Fame has been added, pictures of Mets greatness have been placed outside the ballpark, and the gates have been structured with plates of great moments in Mets history. Citi Field, already a fine ballpark in many ways, is now starting to look like home for Mets fans.

Mets tributes aside, there’s a lot to like about Citi Field. It’s nice to look at, with its dark green seats, two large scoreboards, the Pepsi Porch (now the Coca-Cola Corner) and the Shea Bridge. The Mets-Willets Point train station has been given a $15 million facelift, and there’s a good amount of parking, too.

And Citi Field offers a variety of food items like few other parks in baseball—from Shake Shack burgers to taco platters to sushi to Mama’s of Corona cannolis. Citi Field is one place where you can eat well.

So if you plan to see a Mets game in their terrific new home, I’m here to help:

Mets Tickets on StubHub or eBay: Want to get Mets tickets through a third party seller? Check out my recommendation for using third party sellers.

Citi Field Seating:
Don’t know where to sit? Here is my best recommendation for Citi Field Seating.

How To Get To Citi Field:
There are numerous ways to arrive at Citi Field, but while most Mets fans use the 7 train, I far prefer the LIRR, for reasons detailed here.

A Cool Citi Field Parking Tip: Free of charge, I'm sharing with you how to save big bucks: park at the Southfield Commuter lot well before the game.

Citi Field Food: Shake Shack, Blue Smoke BBQ, World’s Fare Market, Nathan’s dogs, what the heck should you eat? Click here for a few recommendations.

Box Frites and Mama's Cannoli: a couple of unique food items.

The Citi Field Burger Dilemma: Deciding on a burger alone is a tough choice at Citi Field; here is some help with that.

And Some More Citi Field Food: Did you know Citi Field has at least ten variations of French Fries? True. Read more here.

Citi Field Extras: As with most ballparks, there are some things not to be missed at Citi. Here are my personal “don’t miss it”s at the home of the Mets…you might be surprised at the first one.

Citi Field Photos:
I've added some of my favorite pics of Citi Field for your enjoyment. Hope you like them.

Citi Field Dimensions: The Mets are moving the fences in at Citi Field, caving in to the notion that a team needs a power-hitting free agent. Read my thoughts about the new Citi Field dimensions here.

New York City Travel: Coming to visit New York City? Here is why I use Hotwire and generally stay near airports.

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