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Three Foods to Try at Citi Field

OK, I’m getting a little redundant, because I’ve already talked about the Shackburger and the Box Frites and Mama’s Cannoli.

But since Citi Field is very well known not just for an impressive food selection but high quality stuff to boot (pun intended), I thought I’d share a few more for you:

1) The Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich. Pat LaFrieda is a pretty big name among meat purveyors in NYC; his steaks are served in some of the biggest steakhouses in Manhattan. He’s also known for humane treatment of animals, although they all still end up on the grill.

The steak sandwich at his Citi Field stand is very different from a Philly-style cheesesteak; thick strips of filet mignon are dipped in au jus, and placed on a baguette with caramelized onions and Jack cheese.

It carries a hefty price tag even for a ballpark sandwich, but judging from the lines, people think it’s worth it.

2) Two Boots “Magic is Back” Pizza. Two Boots replaced Cascarino’s in 2012; their pizza is popular enough at Citi that another location has been added to the Promenade Level. Neither has lines that get too long, however, and to some Two Boots is the undiscovered gem of Citi Field food.

Two Boots has a variety of unusual pizzas with New York-style thin crust, but the “Magic is Back” pie is especially interesting; it’s got Creole chicken, bacon and scallions on a white pizza. It’s a New Orleans thing.

As of this writing, Two Boots only offers pizza in slices, but they may do whole pies in the future if the demand is there. As it is, I would jump on a slice early before it’s been sitting too long…take it from a veteran of the NJ boardwalks.

3) Keith’s Grill Mexican Burger. Keith Hernandez’s stand tends to be forgotten in the shadow of the Shake Shack and Box Frites and that big market in center field, but it’s got its merits.

If you like spicy burgers with lots of stuff on them, the Mexican Burger at Keith’s is for’s a six-ounce burger with bacon, cheddar and jack cheese, chipotle aioli and jalapenos. The menu says it was created by “Keith and his culinary team”, which is good enough for me.

And it comes with chips and a Tootsie Pop. What more could you ask?

Those are three (more) foodstuffs you can try out at your next Mets game; but there’s also the po’ boy sandwich, the Pressed grilled cheeses, and the hot pastrami sandwich on rye among many other be sure to get one of these and get your grub on!

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