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The new Yankee Stadium is just like everything else Yankees…huge, majestic and expensive. It is at once a throwback to the original Yankee Stadium before its 1974 remodeling, and a modern stadium with far more leg room, concourse space, and luxury seating.

The Yankees smartly preserved much of the essentials of its predecessor. They brought the metal bleachers over, they preserved the dimensions to make the place a left-handed power hitters’ paradise, they brought back the frieze from the original Stadium, and the new home of the Yankees is just feet away from its old home, still at the same train station in the Bronx.

But the new home of the Yankees features padded seating around its entire lower tier of seating, a huge Jumbotron scoreboard in center field, a seriously upgraded menu of food items, a Yankees museum and Great Hall that celebrate the heroes of North America’s most successful sports team, and large and cushioned luxury box seats with staggering prices that don’t include a free drink.

The new Yankee Stadium did what it needed to do—it respected the history of a great franchise. It recalled the feel of its predecessor. And it did increase the comfort level for its fans, who still turn up in great numbers to rattle the opposing team.

While there are plenty of high-priced seats, parking and food at Yankee Stadium, the place isn’t entirely inaccessible for people without seven-figure incomes. There are lots of ways that you can save money at a game at the House That Jeter Built. And with that and everything else, Ballpark E-Guides is here to help.

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An Awesome Yankee Stadium Story:
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