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Three “Don’t Miss It”s at Citizens Bank Park

1) The Phillie Phanatic – The best mascot in sports, anywhere, bar none. The costume itself is funny enough, but what makes the Phanatic so special is his utter disregard for any kind of decorum.

The green creature struts around the ballpark, places his “mouth” on bald men’s heads, shoves his pelvis at umpires, rides an ATV recklessly around the ballpark between innings, and generally causes trouble wherever he goes.

When you see him for the first time, it’s natural to find yourself saying, “I can’t believe the team mascot just did that!” It's difficult to watch him without laughing; the Phanatic alone is worth the price of admission.

2) Ashburn Alley – You have to get to Citizens Bank Park early to really enjoy for Ashburn Alley, named for late Phillies Hall of Fame center fielder and broadcaster Richie Ashburn, but it’s worth it.

Whitey would be really proud; in addition to all of the most popular food items like Tony Luke’s, Campo’s, Chickie’s and Pete’s and Bull’s BBQ, Ashburn Alley features baseball-themed games for kids, the Mitchell & Ness souvenir store, and the Rooftop Bleachers.

There’s a Phillies Hall of Fame with plaques of the greatest Phillies, and an excellent time line of baseball in Philadelphia that includes the Athletics and Negro League teams.

The Ashburn Alley gates open for Alley Hour one hour before the rest of the ballpark does; try to get there then to see all of the sights and get a great view of batting practice.

3) The Phanatic Phun Zone – If you’re bringing the young kids (8 and under), it’s up to you whether you’ll want to bring them to the Phun Zone…the young tykes may get so wrapped up in the habitrail and slides that they may not want to watch the game.

The Phun Zone is located on the first base side of the ballpark, near the home plate entrance. This is in addition to the cool older kids games near Bull’s BBQ, like a speed pitch game and, Run The Bases, where kids furiously run in place to advance a marker on the baseball field board.

Like I said, if you want to see the game, you may want to steer the kids clear…

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