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Citizens Bank Park

Philadelphia, PA

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies

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The home of the Fightin’ Phillies is the best thing to happen to the city of Philadelphia since Pat Olivieri first started chopping steak and putting it into sandwiches. In 2004 the Bank opened to rave reviews, in part due to what it replaced, the big concrete monstrosity of a football stadium known as the Vet. The turf was replaced with real grass, the concrete with brick, the enclosed structure with open air, and a mediocre team with a World Series champion—and suddenly a longtime football town is crazy for Phillies baseball.

There’s a unique octagon shape, sapphire blue seats, larger concourses, Ashburn Alley, a Phanatic Phun Zone, cheesesteaks, signature hot dogs and of course, the Phillie Phanatic. All easily accessible by car or train. Everything a ballpark needs.

If you haven’t been to a ballgame at Citizens Bank Park yet, you really should make the trip. Not only is it one of the prettier parks in baseball, there’s a pretty good team playing there too.

I have more details about Citizens Bank park on the links below, and I hope you find them helpful. Here are some of Ballpark E-Guides’ main recommendations:

Phillies Tickets: The best way to get Phillies tickets depends on the game. If it’s a high demand game, try getting them from the Phillies official website as soon as tickets go on sale; for low demand games, use StubHub or another broker. (See my recommendation for using third party sellers here.)

Citizens Bank Park Seating: You can get decent upper level seats reasonably at Citizens Bank Park, but I prefer to sit in the lower level even if it means a more costly seat. See more about Citizens Bank Park seating here.

How To Get To Citizens Bank Park: There are a few ways to get to the Bank, but the best in my opinion is simply to drive your car and park there. Here are some tips about how to get to Citizens Bank Park.

An Alternative to Ballpark Parking: You can also take the Chickie's and Pete's Taxi Crab to Citizens Bank Park...

What to Eat at Citizens Bank Park: Here's the general overview of the food at Citizens Bank Park.

More Citizens Bank Park Food: The Bank was voted “Best Ballpark Eats” by the Food Network not very long ago, and not much has changed since then. Click here for a couple of grub recommendations.

Citizens Bank Park Extras: Finally, here are my three “don’t miss it”s for Citizens Bank Park.

The Best Mascot in Sports: I love the Phillie Phanatic!

Coming to visit the City of Brotherly Love?: Here is why I use Hotwire for hotels and car rentals, and more importantly, why I stay near the airport when visiting a city.

Citizens Bank Park Photos: I've included some of my favorite pics of Citizens Bank Park, with some captions that I hope you enjoy.

Remembering The Vet: I have a lot of fond memories at the Phillies' old stadium, even though I wasn't really sorry to see it go. But my first Phillies game, at the tender age of nine, was such a classic thriller that it remains my favorite memory.

Oh, one more thing: Philly fans aren’t as bad as you think. Yes, they are definitely tough, especially on their own. But, to paraphrase Sting, Phillies fans love their children too.

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