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Walk around gorgeous PNC Park in Pittsburgh and you will frequently see logos proclaiming it to be “The Best Ballpark in America”. And while the statement may get an argument from some, it certainly isn’t laughable.

PNC is one of those rare ballparks that gets just about everything right. It has a small capacity. It is easy to arrive at via car or public transportation. Its seats are the perfect color. There are almost no obstructed views. And it has a breathtaking view, of a river, a bridge, and a city all blended into a picture-perfect backdrop.

Like Camden Yards, PNC Park was built respecting the past and leading the future. It is placed in one city block, in the heart of Pittsburgh on the North Shore. People can be seen walking from every direction to attend a Pirates game.

The seats are comfortable, and this is truly a place where there a few if any bad seats to be had. There’s all of the restaurants, suites and fancy food items that most ballparks offer these days, but they are a touch more affordable here.

PNC Park has dark blue seats modeled after Forbes Field, and statues of Pirates greats at each gate—Honus Wagner at home, Willie Stargell at Left Field, Roberto Clemente at Center Field, and the newly added Bill Mazeroski in home run pose at the Right Field Entrance.

The Pirates have turned around their recent malaise, so enjoy PNC Park while tickets are cheap and easy to get. Ballpark E-Guides is here to help.

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