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PNC Park Seating Tip #1:
Sit On The Third Base Side If You Can

Despite that the Pirates have become contenders again, and they play in a gorgeous ballpark, their best seats also among the cheapest great seats in baseball.

So with just about every seating option available to you, you can more or less pick and choose where you’d like to sit for most games. The Pirates website will even let you choose which side of the field you can get your seat.

All of this means you can get a lower level seat for a happiness-inducing price, and if you’re early enough on the website, you can sit on the third base side of the field. And from the third base side is the best spot to enjoy that tremendous view of downtown Pittsburgh.

You should get closer to home plate if you can, because the Roberto Clemente Bridge is an important part of that backdrop. It’s not that you’ll miss much on the first base side, but between third and home is ideal. The view may be the one aspect of this ballpark that puts it a class above most ballparks in the major leagues.

Incidentally, it’s the best place to be on fireworks nights, too.

Just one caveat though: because of the orientation of the field, PNC gets the most sunlight on the third base side at dusk. Not necessarily a bad thing on a cool night in April, just bring sunscreen and sunglasses in the summertime.

PNC Park Seating Tip #2:
Splurge For The Club Level

Not only are Pirates tickets among the cheapest in the major leagues, they’re inexpensive at just about every level, including the premium seats. If there is a ballpark where the prime seats are worth splurging for, PNC is it.

The Club Level seats at PNC are the lower rows in the second deck, which in this ballpark is very close to the action, the designers having smartly tucked the luxury boxes under the second deck. They are also padded and a bit wider than the seats above them.

But the best part of the Club seats is the access to the Pittsburgh Baseball Club, the climate-controlled club level concourse. This is where you find the premium food options, like the Score Amore, the PBC Grill, and the Bucs Wok, a very popular stand serving Asian food. The Club Level also has lounges with full bars and pool tables, like the Club 3000 and the Keystone Corner.

The Club seats would probably be best in April, when it can get pretty chilly in Pittsburgh. You can find seats at a price you’ll very much like during the early cold months too, if you look around on StubHub or eBay.

And you can go to the game early, use a private entrance, walk around a warm carpeted concourse and help yourself to a huge meatball sandwich and a popular craft beer and shoot some pool before the game starts. Anytime it gets too cold, head back inside and watch an inning on TV.

Many people automatically think that they won’t be able to afford the fancy extras at the ballpark, and that’s not always the case. Especially in Pittsburgh. Take advantage.

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