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PNC Park Photo Gallery

Not many people take the train to the ballpark, but that may change when a new station is added close to PNC and Heinz Field. It just won't be baseball without people squeezing out of a subway car.

Steel Plaza Subway Station Pittsburgh

Did you know the first World Series was played in Pittsburgh? Neither did I, and it's a neat piece of history here. Incidentally, there wasn't a World Series in 1904, and the fan backlash was strong enough that baseball didn't repeat the mistake for 90 years.

First World Series PIttsburgh

The is the fountain along the Riverwalk. Nice to look at, and the kids play in it and everything. Nothing like taking a wet kid to the ballpark.

pnc park fountain

You can park across the street at Heinz Field for Pirates games, but it can be messy if there's a Steelers or Panthers game that day. usually the games are staggered, so lots empty out as they're filling up. Sounds confusing. I'd drive backwards just in case.

Heinz Field PNC Park parking

Highmark Legacy Square, with the left field rotunda in the background. The Legacy Square is dedicated to Negro League baseball, mostly the Homestead Grays and Pittsburgh Crawfords. Not sure what health insurance has to do with it...

PNC Park Highmark Legacy Square

At my first Pirates game in Three Rivers Stadium, I asked an Iron City vendor if his beer was any good, and he gave me a look that said "try this at your own risk, buddy". First beer I didn't finish at a ballgame. But you bet I got one on my first trip to PNC.

Iron City PNC Park

Pirates catching great and Oriole-killer Manny Sanguillen signs autographs at his BBQ stand in center field. There's just something about a local star signing autographs that makes BBQ taste that much better.

Manny Snguillen PNC Park

As someone who grew up cheering on the Orioles, it's a lot easier for me to post a photo here of the 1960 Yankee slayers than the 1979 champs. I was 11 in 1979, and I never quite got over it--as I made clear at my wedding.

1960 World Series Champions Pirates

I talk frequently about the view of the city from PNC Park, and the great thing is that you can see it from almost anywhere. The real question is, why on earth was Three Rivers enclosed at this site? Oh yeah...more seats.

PNC Park view of city

Here is the sunlit PNC Park from the Roberto Clemente Bridge, a view you'll see if you park in a downtown lot. It's probably just my imagination, but I swear the bridge wobbles underneath as you walk on it. Maybe it was just the nachos.

PNC Park clemente bridge

This is a small section of seats next to the outfield bleachers, for anti-social types apparently.

pnc park bleachers

This is a handicapped walkway from the ballpark to the Riverwalk down below. Nice that they did that, but it looks like you'd need Schwarzenegger-sized arms to go UP the hill.

pnc park handicapped walkway

All this effort and money building up the JD Kettle Corn brand in the most popular venue in Pittsburgh...and now a whole stand full of sweet snacks is all in the hands of this possible pot smoker teenage kid. Hey, don't blame me when inventory is low.

pnc park food jd kettle korn

This is the very cool model of PNC Park found in the Club level. Looks like something straight out of Cake Boss.

pnc park model

There is the occasional obstructed view at PNC Park, although the problem isn't as bad as it is at Citi Field. The only problem is when someone walks by on this landing and you get the unsolicited full codpiece view.

pnc park obstructed view

There are a few vendors on the other side of the Clemente Bridge, selling tees, peanuts and dogs at a reasonable price. The guy on the left moves to the other seat every so often to give the illusion of better customer service.

pnc park outside vendors

The Fort Duquesne and Sixth Street garage is right at the foot of the Clemente Bridge, making it a convenient and cheap parking spot. The sign here isn't anything special except for the spelling.

pnc park parking

Every game at PNC Park features the Pierogi Race (N'at), a knock-off of the Sausage Race in Milwaukee. But it's a fun thing to watch. Doesn't Oliver look like Clark Griswold? Real tomato ketchup?

pnc park pierogi race

The pulled pork and pierogi sandwich on a soft pretzel bun. This was the winner of the sandwich contest at PNC Park. Seriously, what could compete?

pnc park food pierogi sandwich

This is a barrel of Quaker Steak wings that have apparently been sitting there a few innings. Not sure if a name that sounds like a brand of motor oil is the best marketing idea here.

pnc park food quaker steak wings

I get upset with myself over this picture, because this cute little kid is giving me a nice smile for the photo and I don't think I ever acknowledged it. Ballpark E-Guides isn't easily distracted. So if you're the kid or the parents in this pic, please let me know, and sorry I was so rude.

pnc park seating

Here's the view of the Riverwalk from the upper level, which I believe is about to change with the coming addition of a patio in right field. Given the types that congregate on the outfield patios, though, the new view might be more interesting.

pnc park river walk

The night view of PNC from across the Allegheny. Pictures can't really do it justice. But that is, after all, why we take pictures.

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pnc park night

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