Progressive Field Photo Gallery

Walkway to Progressive Field RTA

There is a walkway from the train station in Tower City that leads to Progressive Field. And just in case it's not clear, it is clearly marked "Walkway". You can tell this kid is ecstatic that they won't get lost on the way to the game.

Progressive Field Who's On First

The "Who's On First?" letters outside of Gate C, for the classic Abbott & Costello bit. Trivia: What was the name of the right fielder in that bit?

Progressive Field Parking Garage

The walkway from the main garage to the center field picnic area, just in case you didn't feel like crossing a street. Kind of a cool double secret entrance, actually.

Progressive Field Cheap Parking

In some garages north of the ballpark, you can arrive early in the morning and park super cheap all day. At least, I assume it's the garages putting these signs up and not the strange looking fellow at the gate.

Great Lakes Fatty Wagon

This is the Great Lakes Brewery Fatty Wagon, which I believe is the only tavern shuttle to Progressive Field in the area. Of course, microbrews and a ballgame are pretty much all a city needs.

Bob Feller Statue

The Bob Feller statue outside of Gate C, where there was recently a memorial celebrating the Heater From Van Meter. You always get those scam artists setting up carts trying to sell "statue views".

Cleveland Indians Champions

The Indians haven't often been among the elite teams in baseball history, but there were times when they rose to the top. I can imagine the Cleveland press in 1948 proclaiming the 28-year drought finally over.

Progressive Field Club Seats

These are the Club seats, which come at a premium price but include access to the climate-controlled Club. If you don't think that's worth the extra charge, you haven't been to an April game in Cleveland.

Progressive Field Club Lounge

Here is the actual Club, with windows overlooking the street outside. Has that pure retro baseball feel, doesn't it?

Progressive Field Budweiser Patio

This is the Budweiser Patio, the party area behind the left field foul pole. Is it just me or are metal seats and tables a bad idea on August afternoons? No elbows on the table! Ouch!

Progressive Field FanCave

In the FanCave, you can kick back, watch the game on a hi-def TV and feel right at home. Of course, you could just stay home, I guess, but there isn't likely a buffet there or a TV in the bathroom. Yes, there's a TV in the bathroom, clearly angled for viewing while doing business sitting. Talk about Quality Time.

Progressive Field Home Plate Seats

The Dugout Suites are behind the screen here, so you can watch the game from field level behind home plate, as if you were sitting in the dugout except you can't spit tobacco juice onto the field.

Progressive Field Upper Level

The upper right field seats at Progressive are not good seats, and with 455 straight sellouts now a memory, the Indians don't even have those sections open most games. I expect they're conducting some secret business there now; an usher almost shot me for wandering toward it.

Progressive Field Standing Room

The standing room in left field, now the Toyota Home Run Porch. A popular hangout for those looking for a home run ball. You can get a prime spot so long as you can suspend bladder operation.

Progressive Field Terrace Club

The windows down the left field line are part of the Terrace Club, the high class restaurant with a view of the field. They have a buffet, but from what I've read they only allow one trip to the buffet station. I have food-piling skills, but I don't know if I could get my money's worth on that one.

Progressive Field Food Spuds And Suds

At Spuds and Suds in the lower concourse, they put out a bowl of potatoes just so you know that the fries are fresh and not the frozen kind.  Actually, I'm not sure how this proves that. After all, the bowl is still there and they're serving fries.

Progressive Field Food Pizza

This is a pizza from Bertman's, a name normally known for ballpark mustard. Looks pretty appetizing if Domino's-esque. (And yes, I'm proud of coming up with a word like "Domino's-esque".)

Progressive Field Food Pork Nachos

These are the pulled pork nachos available in the Market Pavilion. Look at all of those jalapenos. I would stay close to a restroom with these.

Progressive Field Food Hot Dogs

These are the giant-sized dogs and sausages, at Hot Dogs Plus I believe. Seeing these reminds me why baseball is so popular.

Bertman's Ballpark Mustard

And there's only one worthy condiment for a dog so large: Bertman's Ballpark Mustard, not to be confused with the cheap imitation Stadium Mustard. Dijon mustard with a nice kick--not enough to blow out the back of your brain, but still pretty good.

Progressive Field Upper Level View

There are some nice views of Cleveland and picnic tables on the upper level concourse, as a consolation for the cold with no club access. Looks like you need to hustle to get across that cross-walk!

Progressive Field Scoreboard

The scoreboard at Progressive is still mighty impressive, even as bigger Jumbotrons have appeared elsewhere. Nice how AT&T gets some relatively cheap advertising.

Progressive Field Heritage Park

Heritage Park celebrates Cleveland baseball greats throughout history. There's even a dedication to Ray Chapman, one of only two players to be killed by a pitched baseball. Cleveland can't catch a frigging break.

Sugardale Mascot Indians

One of the Sugardale hot dog mascots, who have a mascot race during the game. This is the three-fingered Mustard Dog wishing me well. Yes, I'm in my forties and taking pictures of baseball mascots. Life is great.

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