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Tropicana Field Food Cuban Sandwich

What to Eat at Tropicana Field

(Note from Kurt: I've heard that the Rays are replacing the Everglades BBQ restaurant in center field with an open air party area, but until I know that the Everglades is gone, I'll leave this in here for now.)

Like most ballparks today, Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg has a wide range of food options, and fans can choose something for any palate or mood. It’s all ballpark prices, of course, but at the Trop you’ve probably saved enough on tickets to have a few extra bucks in your pocket for food.

To start with, there are two restaurants inside the ballpark—the Everglades BBQ and the Center Field Street Brewhouse. Both are close to the center field rotunda entrance where most people enter the ballpark.

The Everglades BBQ is a restaurant located in the batter’s eye area of center field, with tinted glass and multi-level seating so that most people in the restaurant have a nice view of the field. It’s mostly a barbeque-style joint, with pulled pork, chicken, quesadillas and wings and a full salad bar on the menu.

The Everglades is popular with families (and not far from the Rays Tank where fans can feed and touch cownose rays), and the pre-game radio show with Neil Solondz is broadcast from there.

The Center Field Street Brewhouse is also located in the center field concourse area. The Brewhouse opens two hours before the game and gets very crowded…families are welcome but the Brewhouse tends to draw a more adult crowd that is there for the party. The menu is a tavern-style menu with burgers and other sandwiches, and some local brews are available.

So those are the eateries where you can sit down for a on to the rest of the ballpark.

The Fan Favorites stands are self-explanatory…this is where you get any of several kinds of hot dogs or Italian sausage. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a different selection at different Fan Favorites, and there isn’t anything out of the ordinary there.

If you do want a fancy dog, there are some Top Dog kiosks dotted around the Trop; this is where you go for a dog with more unusual toppings. The aptly named Grilled Sausages stands have links with peppers and onions.

Other stands like Diamond Classics and Ballpark Classics have the standard items but also a few extras, like the popular Cuban sandwich, a pressed flat sandwich with ham, pork, Genoa salami and Swiss cheese. The pressing and the melted cheese give it a nice gooey consistency. Cubans are also available at several Panini kiosks around the ballpark and at the East-West Delicatessen.

If you want familiarity there are three popular chain restaurants with a presence at Tropicana Field—the Outback Steakhouse with their popular Bloomin’ Onion (approved by PETA, who apparently doesn’t give a rat’s behind about humans’ health); and Papa John’s who is currently the pizza purveyor at Tropicana Field. You’re probably familiar with these, so at least you know what you’re getting.

If you’d rather have a fancier burger, try the Burger Up stand, with their very large burgers and unusual toppings like bleu cheese or salami. Burger Up isn’t cheap, but they’re as good as any burger you’ll have in a ballpark.

The World Series Cheesesteaks stand sells Philly cheesesteaks, and is probably so named for the Rays’ opponent in the 2008 World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies. More about World Series on this page.

Finally there are some good finger food options too, like Wings Around The World’s boneless wings, Tortilla Junction’s nachos with all sorts of toppings, and Carni Classics’ garlic fries. For your sweet tooth, there’s Carvel ice cream (and their version of Dippin’ Dots called Ittibitz), and a few carts selling cotton candy and funnel cakes.

And for the celiac-afflicted, the Rays are nice enough to have a stand dedicated to gluten-free items, with hot dogs on gluten-free rolls, pretzels and Redbridge beer.

Wash it all down with any of the many types of brews available at the various carts, or stop at one of the many bars around the ballpark like the Brass Tap or the 3rd Base Oasis and get a Blue Storm—Captain Morgan Lime Bite, Blue Curacao and lemonade in a yard cup. For what it costs, it should be good.

That’s a general glossing over of the food and drink available at Rays games...I probably missed a few things but as you can see, there’s something for every taste. Well worth the trip.

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