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Using 2011 attendance numbers, here are estimates of what are likely to be the lowest demand games on the Tampa Bay Rays schedule for 2012. This should help you to save money on Rays tickets by picking the best low-demand game, be it just any game or, say, a game against the Yankees or Red Sox.

Please remember that these are only projections based on existing numbers; they will not always be totally accurate and I cannot promise that it will always work. But if you use this schedule, you should hopefully save money on tickets through either a third party of perhaps the Rays as well.

Best Rays Ticket Bets, Any Game

1)    Tuesday, August 7 vs. Toronto

2)    Tuesday, August 21 vs. Kansas City

3)    Wednesday, August 8 vs. Toronto

4)    Wednesday, August 22 vs. Kansas City

5)    Monday, August 20 vs. Kansas City

6)    Wednesday, April 24 vs. Los Angeles Angels

7)    Tuesday, April 23 vs. Los Angeles Angels

8)    Monday, April 30 vs. Seattle

9)    Thursday, August 23 vs. Oakland

10) Thursday, August 9 vs. Toronto

Best Rays Ticket Bets, Weekend Games:

1)    Friday, August 3 vs. Baltimore

2)    Friday, April 20 vs. Minnesota

3)    Sunday, August 5 vs. Baltimore

4)    Sunday, April 22 vs. Minnesota

5)    Friday, August 24 vs. Oakland

6)    Friday, September 21 vs. Toronto

7)    Friday, May 4 vs. Oakland

8)    Friday, May 18 vs. Atlanta

9)    Sunday, September 23 vs. Toronto

10) Sunday, May 6 vs. Oakland


Best Rays Tickets Bets, June Games:

1)    Wednesday, June 13 vs. New York Mets

2)    Tuesday, June 12 vs. New York Mets

3)    Thursday, June 14 vs. New York Mets

Best weekend game: Friday, June 29 vs. Detroit

Best Rays Tickets Bets, July Games:

1)    Wednesday, July 18 vs. Cleveland

2)    Tuesday, July 17 vs. Cleveland

3)    Monday, July 16 vs. Cleveland

Best weekend game: Friday, July 20 vs. Seattle

Best Rays Tickets Bets, August Games:

1)    Wednesday, August 8 vs. Toronto

2)    Wednesday, August 22 vs. Kansas City

3)    Tuesday, August 7 vs. Toronto

Best weekend game: Friday, August 3 vs. Baltimore


Best Rays Tickets Bets, September/October Games:

1)    Wednesday, October 3 vs. Baltimore

2)    Tuesday, October 2 vs. Baltimore

3)    Monday, October 1 vs. Baltimore

Best weekend game: Friday, September 21 vs. Toronto

Best Games Against New York Yankees:

1)    Wednesday, September 5 vs. New York Yankees

2)    Tuesday, September 4 vs. New York Yankees

3)    Tuesday, July 3 vs. New York Yankees

Best weekend game: Sunday, April 8 vs. New York Yankees

Best Games Against Boston Red Sox:

1)    Wednesday, May 16 vs. Boston

2)    Wednesday, September 19 vs. Boston

3)    Tuesday, September 18 vs. Boston

Best weekend game: Friday, July 13 vs. Boston

Best Game Against Miami Marlins: Friday, June 15 vs. Miami


Tampa Bay Rays 2011 Attendance By The Numbers

Tropicana Field Capacity: 34,078

Without Tarp-Covered Seats: 42,735

Rays Average Attendance/Game: 18,879

Largest/Smallest Crowd Range: 24,036

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