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Three Foods to Try at Camden Yards

The menu at Oriole Park changes frequently, so it’s tough to pick a consistent winner with the various choices at the ballpark. At least you know you can get all things crabmeat.

Here are three that work for me when I visit the Yard.

1) The Dempsey’s Walk-Off.
Dempsey’s restaurant is located in the Camden Yards warehouse, and it’s a cool place for a pre-game meal, especially with the unusual menu.

The Walk-Off is a Roma sausage (Roma is a Baltimore-based sausage maker) wrapped in a pretzel roll with Old Bay crab dip. It’s not cheap, but it comes with kettle chips and a pickle (substitute Old Bay fries for a fee), and you can wash it down with an in-house microbrew. It’s everything baseball and everything Baltimore you could ask for in a food item.

2) The Crab Mac And Cheese Dog. I hate to promote an unusual dog invented by Stuggy’s after the Orioles let them out of Camden Yards, but maybe this will encourage you to try the Fells Point eatery and their unusual dogs.

The Crab Mac And Cheese Dog is exactly what you think it Esskay dog with macaroni and cheese, with Old Bay seasoned crab meat on top. It’s a challenge to keep it on a plate, and you’ll need a fork to eat it.

The Crab Mac is available at the Esskay Gourmet Dogs stand on Eutaw Street, and you can find a nearby condiments table if you need more Old Bay on it.

3) Bacon On A Stick. This delicacy is becoming much more popular at ballparks nowadays…after all, you can eat it with one hand and it’s bacon, two winning formulas for ballpark food. But the Eutaw Street Grill in Baltimore was the first place I saw it (and it’s my job to know these things).

At Camden Yards the Bacon on a Stick is a nice slab of Hungarian smoked bacon dipped in a maple glaze and OId Bay and then seared on a grill. A nice piece of breakfast food if you’re here early on a Sunday.

I believe you can get Bacon On A Stick at Dempsey’s as well.

There you go; I’ve provided three food items to try in a Baltimore ballpark and was unable to find something without Old Bay in it. But what the heck, it’s Maryland. If you want to know more about the food at the Yard, like Boog’s BBQ, Tako Korean buns, or crab-dipped fries, be sure to get your hands on one of these!

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