"The guide covers each section very thoroughly and I couldn’t find much that they missed…I would recommend the purchase of one of Kurt Smith’s publications if you are coming to a ballpark for the first time. It will maximize your game day experience." - David Egbert, Rays Colored Glasses

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With a Tropicana Field E-Guide,
you’ll know how to...

...Get tickets. You’ll know about the numerous ways to get Rays tickets, from the team website to the box office to third party sellers, and why you should ignore scalpers…

...Get a great seat. Learn about all of the seating areas, from the Rays Club seats to the tbt* Party Deck and everything in between—including suites and party areas, like the 162 Landing...

...Get to the ballpark. Want to know how to park cheaply or even free? Or take the Brew Bus or Rally Bus from Tampa? The Baseball Shuttle from the pier? How about your bicycle? The Tropicana Field E-Guide covers them all, with all of the knowledge you’ll need...

...Get some good eats. Get the lowdown on restaurants like the Everglades Roadhouse and Ricky P's. And learn about the rest of the food too—Cuban sandwiches, grilled cheeses, Mac Bats, you’ll know the score on all of it...

...Get a few extras. You’ll learn about a few extra little Tropicana Field nuggets too; like accessibility, the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame, the cigar bar, the Rays Tank, kids areas and much more...

...and best of all, SAVE MONEY.

The Tropicana Field E-Guide is full of “Tightwad Tips” that will show you plenty of ways to go cheaper on everything from Rays tickets to parking to food! Ballgames are expensive, so don’t pay more than you have to—find out how with a Tropicana Field E-Guide today!

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