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Tropicana Field

You can see the Trop easily enough from the highway; there's not many other buildings this size nearby. It just feels like baseball, doesn't it?

Welcome to Tropicana Field

This is in the center field entrance rotunda, which was made part of the ballpark in tribute to--wait for it--Ebbets Field. I often wonder why the Dodgers aren't still in Brooklyn if Ebbets was so beloved.

Tropicana Field Sign

Just in case you didn't know who sponsors the place, Tropicana reminds us that their orange juice is both pure and premium. Yes, many years ago, Anthony Rossi held an orange in his hand and saw a company name in big neon lights in a baseball stadium. God Bless America.

Everglades BBQ Tropicana Field

This is the Everglades BBQ restaurant, in the batter's eye in center field, and it is open to all ticket holders, unlike its counterpart in Yankee Stadium which charges triple digits for the privilege. Remember, the Rays got as far as the Yankees did in the playoffs last year.

Ted Williams Statue

The Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame is the Rays' way of recognizing that they haven't had a longtime superstar yet. Williams lived in Tampa, for those of you looking for a connection. Thin, I know, but it's a cool museum.

Tropicana Field Kids Games

There are a lot of things to keep kids occupied at the Trop, which is one of the reasons I believe this team will have a dedicated fan base 20 years from now. If the kids end up watching the game.

Tropicana Field Cigar Bar

This is the outdoor area for the Cuesta Ray Cigar Bar, one of only two cigar bars that I can think of (Comerica Park has the other). Neat view of the palms, but I couldn't find the big W.

Tropicana Field Concourse

It just dawned on me that Tropicana Field has one thing on any other concourse areas. This guy sticking out of the wall is huge. Look, the wall underneath him is even cracked.

Tropicana FIeld Avantair Club

These are the Avantair Home Plate Club seats, large and padded with in-seat wait service, and they go for a nice chunk of change. I always see unfinished beers in these sections and it burns me up. I wish I could afford to not finish a beer at a ballpark.

Tropicana Field Captain Morgan Club

The Captain Morgan Club, not to be confused with the Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field. Draws more people than some of the outfield sections.

Tropicana Field Covered Seats

The Rays' attendance is so dismal that for most games the highest upper level seats are covered. I think they got the idea from watching NASCAR races after they introduced the Chase.

Tropicana Field Catwalks

In the upper level you can get a good look at the catwalks, which are actually a factor in the ground rules. I think the Rays should sell "Catwalk Standing Room" at a premium price. You know someone will pay it.

Tropicana Field Beach Bar

The Trop has lots of party areas, like the Beach Bar down the left field line. Kinda cool to sit at a table at field level, although I suspect there's the danger of getting creamed by a foul ball while you're talking up your date.

Tropicana Field tbt Party Deck

This is the tbt* Party Deck, the upper level seats in left field. Not a great vantage point for baseball, but you do have the advantage of having a large area almost to yourself.

Tropicana Field tbt Party Deck

More on the concourse areas: this is the concourse for the tbt* Deck. An Ybor City style theme and uniquely named concessions like "Ybor Station". They just sell dogs and Cuban sandwiches, though.

Tropicana Field Food Cuban Sandwich

This is a Cuban sandwich, the closest thing to a "go-to" food item at the Trop. It's ham, Genoa salami,  Swiss cheese and mustard on a pressed roll. Nothing like gooey cheese on a pressed sandwich. Try to get some roughage to go with it, though.

Tropicana Field Food Nachos

The nachos at the Trop are among the few that I've seen that you can get with actual grated cheese as opposed to that sauce-like substance that I am never sure is actually cheese. Fresh guac, too. Well done, Rays.

Tropicana Field Food Ittibitz

This is an actual larger-than-life picture of Ittibitz (a version of Dippin' Dots). They're good but this wasn't worth a fin. I could have bought a Ballpark E-Guide for that if I didn't own the company.

Tropicana Field Drinks Blue Storm

The Blue Storm is the name of the special mixed drink at the Trop, something of a blue margarita but not quite. For $12, I better have a decent buzz on when I'm done drinking it.

Tropicana Field Rays Tank

Before the game people line up to feed and touch the cownose rays in the Rays tank in center field. Naturally, this was my wife's favorite part of the ballpark. Baseball at its finest.

Tropicana Field Scoreboard

Between innings the Rays showed a hilarious video of a cat as a DJ. The cat actually moved the record back and forth (although that part was probably camera tricks). Whatever it took to train that cat, it was worth it.

Tropicana Field Usher

The Rays' usherettes are very friendly, and this lovely lady was very nice about not letting me go past the barricade behind her. I think perhaps it was the mascot's changing area.

Tampa Bay Rays mascot Raymond

This is a painting on the concourse wall of Raymond, the Rays' kid-friendly mascot. Everybody loves Raymond.

Tropicana Field Walkway

Outside in the parking lot is a tiled mosaic walkway that is very cool. There are over 1,800,000 tiles in it. I hope they numbered them.

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