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Turner Field Extras:
Three “Don’t Miss It”s at Turner Field

The Braves Hall of Fame Museum: I’ve read a lot of reviews from folks who believe that the Braves Museum is for Braves fanatics only, but any baseball fan should love it.

In the Museum are artifacts from history of course, like the World Series trophy of 1995. There is also a rail car from the train-riding days of baseball’s past that you can walk through, and the infamous “Channel 17” jersey that owner Ted Turner once wanted pitcher Andy Messersmith to wear. There’s a cool-looking model of Turner Field and a TV replaying great Braves moments in history.

The Braves Museum is cheaper on game day, and it’s worth seeing for any fan.

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Scouts Alley: It’s always entertaining to look back at the start of Hall of Fame careers; Scouts Alley in the left field corner does just that, with touch screen displays of scouting reports of Braves greats like Dale Murphy and Tom Glavine.

There’s also interactive hitting and pitching games for the kids if they’re not worn out yet. All intended to show kids what scouts are looking for, in case they’re going for that big contract to fund their education.


The Coca-Cola SkyField: With kids especially you should take a trip to the upper left field corner and the Coca-Cola SkyField. Kids can run a base path, sit in a huge red chair, cool off under the mist sprayers, and use the telescopes to see a fine view of downtown Atlanta.

If the kids don’t want to leave, it’s not a terrible angle to see the game from, and you’re right close to that Coca-Cola bottle in the outfield, which shoots off fireworks after a Braves home run. It’s a neat hangout and can keep the little ones busy for a while.

Turner Field has lots of other extras to see too, like the Taco Mac Family Zone inside the center field entrance, with its wiffle ball field, the Monument Grove in the Grand Entry Plaza where the rest of the Olympic Stadium was, and the 715 monument in the Green Lot where Hank Aaron’s record-breaking home run landed. Get there as early as you can and visit it all.

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